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ive seen them on a lot of PSU
tho i believe we had a situation where a subwoofer would make them flip with heavy thumps, switching in soft start or going 120 to 240

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heheh @ genuine quality relay
tho i guess songle is top notch super china

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rab_: fuck parting, bandsaw then face to length

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also re: video lathe, i was waiting for the spindle to stall and flip the whole fucking thing into idiot ops legs
those mini lathes all look good enough for sane depth on 6061, tho

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i finally used lathe at work
i was avoiding because thing sounds like a diesel truck
like, wtf lathe you dont have a head why you make valve tap noises
someone rigged a linear dial indicator to the bed, tho, and i got part length to within .002" first try tho
like, machine is big enough slop doesnt really matter
i was suprised when i saw ours filled halfway
so thats not the problem
we have bunch of bridgeports mills that are nice to use
with DROs so been pretty easy getting parts within .001"

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