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do you pcb cad while on crack?

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jero32: thanks!

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id pay like $300 for a non commercial license without thinking much of it
long as it wasnt subscription

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i have not installed it i was considering it
i have a legit eagle license somewhere
eagle is not so bad
honestly i prefer the older interface, even tho it was more german, i had time invested into it
altium is pretty badass
interface and performance
ofc thats what you meant

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what are yopu using for pcb cad?
through work?
is there juarez altium?
i have not tried
but i guess that is good to know
how the fuck is kicad that bad
they have been working on it for 100 years
i gave them like 15 years to get better
last time i tried it the documentation was very french

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jero32: how bad can kicad be?
and people still want to put 555 into everything
jero32: interesting
whats your pc specs?
oh we have same cpu
i have more gpu
how many ram?
i have 32 gigamegs but shouldnt matter much
so hmm, damn
i am waiting for nvidia 3800
because i need raytrace sex
because cyberpunk 77
and i prob get m2 ssd and new gpu
im going to try and get a decade out of this mobo
mobo was a fallout 4 purchase
dial or digi?
i sue a pair of those like everyday

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