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PTC thermistor? i think MOVs are for overvoltage
and the pump might need it to start
tho in reality its prob not as bad as 70A, theres usually some headroom on the spec when ive had to measure it

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also the 70A might be stall current
the tape or glue kind of blocking that on your pump
so you transformer and fuse or breaker has to be able to deal with 70A for fraction of a second while the thing starts up
probably you want a slow blow fuse or breaker rated at a few amps, so it wont nuisance trip but itll still blow if the thing gets stuck or is cycled way to often

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ham1986: ah is not current, its a measure of number of electrons
tho its usually specified at some voltage, so can be converted to watt-hours, which is an amount of energy
pretty sure you just means amps
the only reason Ah would matter for a transformer would be if it was being overdriven, so you couldnt run it at 100% duty cycle and you wanted to quantify that somehow, but using ah for that is not very common
would just say % duty cycle at some load current

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