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jero32: https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dspb-k-dsp-kernel-board-and-dspb-ke-kernel-dsp-expansion-2-in-3-out--325-1300
wow cheap

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any genelecs are going to kick ass

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so thats nice he might have DSP corrected for where his measurement mic is positioned, but the output will comb filter like a mfkr
like, different freq response from one ear to the next
anyway DSP correction is legit tech, but you have to start with a good low distortion setup that doesnt have gimmicks... like two tweeters wtf
DSP wont fix distortion or comb filtering
the DSP corrected genelecs are amazing, tho, if I had $4000 to drop on stereo speakers, thats what i would get

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jero32: was just talking about sigma studio chips with transducer engineer buddy
been around like 10 years now, pretty sure its what qsc k series used it
i built up some stuff with it for some headphone prototypes
anyway, "The speaker contains a 3″ woofer for good bass response, and twin tweeters to deliver stereo audio."
winisd is pretty cool for low end design
free, works
but dual tweeter is fail at a fundamental level
they live at random multiples more than the the wavelengths they produce

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