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yeah but in EE you think about how they work in complex systems a lot
so it kind of wraps around

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yeah i kinda laughed about it when i found it, laughed more when it still worked
i think his normal boss would have given him a lot of shit
those click PLC are pretty cool, basic one is $70, 8 in 6 out, $70
they weight nothing, but that seems right for a little board with a uC and some optoisolators
jero32: most comparable shit is like 5x cost
even 'smart' relays with like, no mem are like 3x cost
i hate diff equations
EE shit makes pneumatic and hydraulic shit easy to understand
pressure drops, flow versus pressure over time

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jero32: the ME stuff i know comes in pretty handy, also ive used mechanical CAD a bunch in both my EE title jobs
you cant really beat dynamics course material for motor sizing problems
also material science courses are awesome
because they make a lot of smoke
heh, the tech kid at work wired up an automation direrct click PLC Vin backwards other day, made it smoke
still worked, probably has a reversed biased diode for protection
either that or something non essential smoked

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why dont you buy old truck

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i really want some good unserrated steak knives
easynews still tells me i can get mad download for $2.99
price was good, web interface was really good

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at some point my covid hobby seems to have shifted from sci-fi books to watching lockpickinglawyer
jero32: new videos every week! and then youtube autoplay takes over :\
yeah im thinking about buying something
but also i could get a german bread knife to grow my kitchen knife set
plus steak knives

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