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ac-130h: neat

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macgyver0: this job doesnt do desktops
last job, i had some dell desktop with an 8 core xeon, 16gb ram and quadro gpu

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yeah, we use usb to eth to talk to controllers with eth ports

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jan-: dell laptops for business have always been super reliable and well behaved for me
the HP i used seemed cheap
and a bunch of lenovos i used had bad SSD, was annoying and def not ibm thinkpad level of kickass
i have a dell xps at work and the only thing anoying about it is the camera, which i rarely use, is below the screen
not enough usb ports (two, maybe has a usb-c tho), no eth port, but that seems to be pretty common on non-dinosaur laptops

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iphones are made by sobbing five year olds in sweat shops, they work
big clive is scary, period
i cant stand their product, wouldnt buy any, wont work for them
my work phone is an iphone i fucking hate it
yeah basically what burny said

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even tho its basically super china product
mega china?
the mean well one prob used in millions of products without issue, has compliance listings that are more likely to be legit
plus is cute like a kitten
mean well protection definitely works, i have experience with this
no fires, just boring hiccup or crowbar
their cheap stuff is still probably going to be more trustworthy than the ebay thing

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could get an adjustable supply but will prob be spendy or crappy for this application
get this, is 12v/2A is what you want, <3 mean well
uk one
yeah but the mean well will never fail

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big fan with ducts can be kind of same as close
yeah reduced voltage will make them last longer too as long as they dont end up running hot because of it
even if theyre not stalling they might run hotter, but usually fans are like, not moving or going decent speed so probably not an issue so much
like if theyre moving, they probably wont get hot enough to cook the bearing long term, but i wouldnt run them at the absolute lower limit

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spendy big one
then get 12v psu and use those?
sometimes pc fans are loud and cheap
yeah if you slow em down a bit theyre quite but not as much air flow, shrug
electronic music should happen in dim places with dark clothes
small is loud with crap airflow
dim red lights is okay

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jan-: why not get bigger 120v fans?
bigger fans = more air less noise, and you can get muffin fans like computers that run on mains

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