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they could always pay the fine or just leave
if enough companies leave maybe people will go away and housing cost will go down
i still think we need a big earthquake

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rab: well, we arent independent yet
burny: law applies to publicly traded companies, so yes i think so

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oh hmm looks like that might be a law, terms are by end of 2021

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why are we responsible for the brits
kevtris: re: didn't they make a law saying you must hire a woman on your board of directors?
i am pretty sure this is not a law

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fucking with private property is messed up
but public property is legitimately debatable
champi0n: well it would depend
on the thoughts of the larger community
a mob of 100 people wanting to destroy a statue that the majority of americans dont like would be doing a public service
working for free, so to speak
high efficiency versus government process

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19:41:05 < champi0n> renesis: you want the confederate flag to be banned altogether?
i dont mind it being banned by any organization
you want to fly that shit at home or paste it on your car, fine be an asshole
but its cool if anyone wants to say you cant participate because of it
saying this part of history is fucked, and fuck you if youre okay with it, is not erasing history
quite the opposite
naw they cant be torn down
people dont like them? tear them down
the statues are not history
thats sucks but you can wash spray paint off
i mean, if its public property, you have a small right to destroy it
if many people want it destroyed, there is a larger right to destroy it

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^ this
in arizona, are you more likely to have hispanic citizens in general?
anyway, im still waiting for a good defense of the confederate flag

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lots of cases of citizens getting fucked with
nice, NASCAR banned confederate flag
im okay with that
well, maybe not considering the recent unrest
also total authoritarianism is effective policing
reversing the bill of rights completely? more effective policing
doesnt matter because unamerican
heh @ they used to weigh
i need to do some work to get to my license weight

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racists are definitely a thing
and a lot of "non racists" are super sensitive about people pointing out that racism is a thing
i dunno how do you know thats not true
why do you need that to be not true
im not sure if that is still officially a thing burny
but right, its allowed to be a thing, according to a 20 year old court ruling
some people, heh... its also more a thing than some people make it out to be
system is definitely fine with racism

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so it was okay because he was a criminal anyway?
also you have a problem with the military banning a flag they fought against?
well no one is asking you to make any effort
the people making an effort obviously disagree
dos: why waste them satisfying asshole cops when we could be doing lethal medical research on them
anyway the military bans certain haircuts and styles of facial hair
banning the flag of a country they fought against doesnt seem extreme
gays are allowed
i think full allowed like they can be flamin
why not both

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