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pitz was his nick
he was a regular troll afaik
kerbals are attached

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kerbals ready to attach

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you are burning?

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los angeles catching fire

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i just remember him as trollish, shrug
tho im kind of an FNG on efnet
ive only been here like 17 years
ac-130u: suki?
i cant believe i remember that, and im pretty sure that was just trolling

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there was an engineer at last job mumbled a lot, had excited look figuring stuff out
totally reminded me of a kerbal

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getting good is kinda cool, tho
like, i made boosters that could land spacex style, save bunch of money
re-entry vehicles that didnt just leave bunch of shit in space

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many rockets
because they dont all survive :(

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because human
no one saying how tho
kerbals loading up

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