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rab: yes
rab: you can save power and get a signal when you fucked up trying

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theres already drives that do that
they optionally modulate current and they have a fault signal for when they cant keep up with step/dir signals
what you said was basically sending it a string of step dir commands
so you need timing info too

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_unreal_: do you just want what is available but cheaper?
how big is it?
sculptor: have those at work, sexy stuff

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_unreal_: sure, the closed loop stepper just sends a fault
If the position target cannot be reached, a default is triggered.
they mean a fault, not a default
ac-130u: right there might be something in between
or it might just be slow enough w10 can do it
most probes ive seen slow down when theyre close to target
i understand unreal, im saying its not simple, and what you linked doesnt do that
you want to use a stepper as a servo
which means you need a servo drivers working much faster

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the production stepper drives for cnc with quad inputs ive seen just send fault signals when theyve skipped
anyway, if you dont want it time synced in any way, it wouldnt be very hard, but it wouldnt be very good for cnc
for cnc, it has to be time based, down to about a ms, and you have to have the controller be aware and programmed to drive it
for servos?
ac-130u: definitely
anyway, im pretty sure what youre asking for is a distributed very high performance servo setup
thats different
cnc, you have to have everything synced, motors to motors and spindle speed
flying prob, youre prob just going as fast as you can

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what do you mean dumb interface
that has to be timed extremely well for cnc use, for syncing
thats probably more difficult than getting servos right
doesnt linux cnc already have a stepper servo setup

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just get a discovery dev board
they have a programmer built in and a bunch under $20
sculptor: ya
i have one of those, worked funny sometimes but it worked

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satellite tv antenna
for boats
pretty neat
you realize saying it comes from satellites is a little misleading, no?
itgoes on boats, no satellites
sculptor: stm32 so easy!
_unreal_: right theyre prob not sending a lot of cast iron into space
sculptor: is this for robot home?

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its a construct of mankind
government precursor
but it prob helped spread reading and writing, so thats cool
how did you fix your linear guides
you were the one having the problem
that was the one having the problem

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theyre still a churchgoer
im sure your definitions works for a lot of people leading churches
amd unreal, its college
collage is like, art made with pasted magazine clippings

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i dunno if you go to church you are a church goer
unreal with the jezus gatekeeping
also wtf is lie'ing, just say lying

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