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the sneks are all this long!
shrug, gcc you can be like uint[whatever bits]
its not
you have to add a header for it
maybe doesnt work for non gcc stuff
kind of need it for fixed point sex on mcu
like, why even shift devide when you can union a data structure to a longer variable and then just look at higher sections of the variable as another variable

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dinosaur style
i dont what id do with ml
code the snek
the only thing annoying about python is more verbose code takes longer to interpret
like the type hints shit? made simple code take way longer to eat up
because it prob doubled char count
so do i
but it make some code i did take way longer to startup
the code was all conversions so like, one liners with a conversion factor
i liked numpy arrays because of that
more like c
i decide the bits!

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shrug, i like the code to be clear if opened up as text, no context formatting
i guess, but your expample uses my preferred method and its sexy
i already said i like python because somehow its as clear without brackets
'this container belongs to that function'
i should do more pythons

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and i dont mind python because somehow it manages the same clarity without brackets
the brackets show no relation
so you have to read through a lot of code to match them up
yeah bit it gets weirder when the code is longer and more nested
and a lot of code just fucks up alignment
1) its easier to see that its dense or not dense with the spread out code and lined up brackets
2) in low level shit sometimes it just works out better that way
i explicitely want to deal with it then, without jumping
i dont want to have to guess that the compiler will decide to do it that way anyway
anyway the code you posted looks sexy
visually, lining up a bracket with a bracket is easier than a statement with a bracket

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09:39:28 <@eck0> where opening bracket starts on a new line. i find that ugly as fuck
i do this
and i line up the brackets
it makes it clear how deep the code is
most of the stuff ive done is c, shrug
code looks good

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