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so i just stick to unflavored juice and bases from known domestic suppliers who sell to the mixers
also theres no reason to get discounted unflavored shit, its always been cheap in bulk
i pay $50 and shit lasts 6mo to a year
flavored random juice is almost as expensive as cigarettes
like $20-30 a week

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blackmoon: my vg/pg/nic comes from well known american wholesalers who sell the shit by the barrel
sealed containers, prob okay
like, random juice at smoke shops and gas stations always seems sketchy
and known mixers turned out to be selling shit with diacetyl, supposedly it was their flavor vendors fault
which is like, duh, the cheap flavors they mixed were from china, not like theyre going to tell you they have harmful shit when nothing is regulated

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like, dissolving laxitive in tea or something?

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blackmoon: probably related to flavored juice
or just juice from cheap mixers who arent sterilizing shit
'often caused by accidentally breathing in oil-based laxatives.'
how the fuck does that happen

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if your new purchase isnt the bottleneck, you did good?
im saying if thats the outcome, if its not the bottleneck, maybe should have upgraded something else
not not the bottleneck, or something

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shrug, run benchmarks, try and figure out if CPU is your current bottleneck
cpu will help non game stuff, and you can always turn graphics down to compensate for gpu stuff

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rean tiny xlr comes in 4 and 5 pin, so jero could do that, have power, and separate shield and ground
k time for racecars

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assetto corsa is $20
project cars is cheapest, and i like it a lot
ive never played without a wheel tho
omg she broke the cactus
her dread ends are not very good

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project cars is good all around game that has famous tracks and F1 style cars, "formula A" i think, to get around licensing
plus tons of other normal and race cars
rab: when san adreas came out, i had a blue 86 CRX, and the game had a CRX
so i would just steal a blue CRX, and drive around in me mode, explore the map and ignore the game
blackmoon: !!! its 75% off on steam right now, project cars
F1 2011 is $15, F1 2012 is $20

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it doesnt work like that
blackmoon: older F1 games
theyre usually not that expensive
anything modern is probably going to have hybrid stuff tho, 'push to pass' and energy harvesting, dunno if hed be into that

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