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blackmoon: you dont think happens often?
driveways, ramps
there is probably already some sort of overvoltage protect built into them
because how do kids not try and fly down a steep road on one and then lean back fast enough to not end up in cross traffic

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i dunno much about hoverboard electronics, but if the driver has a big resistor near the output circuits, its prob braking into that
if not, prob just ends up back in the batteries, in which case you maybe want to have some way to protect your boost supply if its not setup to handle it
so, big caps, maybe a zener and a resistor, doesnt have to be complicated if youre not trying to store the power

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if you rate something based on peak current at stall torque, people would be mad because if run like that for extended periods theyll burn up
depends how the driver handles coasting and braking, it maybe just dumps into a resistance
regen stuff is complicated because it could be too much for the power source
can boost voltage to the point it breaks things, maybe heats things up too much putting current back into a battery
excess power has to be dumped into something

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stall and low speed is where they'll use the most current
if the boost module or motor drivers have good current limiting, maybe fine, maybe dont even need crazy big caps
'rated' doesnt mean very much without a lot of info about rating conditions
like, if its at 100% duty with typical load, itll be able to pull waaaaaay more for short periods
well, its more about being hard to spec with a single number, not really a bad salesman thing

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