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i dont has dishwasher
i dont even has couch

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because something wore out or got sticky
you should just buy new dishwasher

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but its not that bad here, not compared to the sfv

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do you have a/c?
i dont have a/c except in my car
going to brother place by beach, so will have commute a/c then malibu weather
rab is the rich fucks
im trying to survive next month or so without buying portable a/c
shrug ive had okay experience with both

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jero32: what is advantage of windcar?
seems very danger and maybe inefficient compared to just putting the motor on the wheels
i dont read jero language so i didnt know what was going on
guys its hot

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dishwashers are too complicated

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you need to industrial espionage yourself a wiring diagram

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probably sediment filter?
themostat is prob a two wire thing
i see two
the one connected to a tube on the high side of some limit
i dont know anything about dishwashers and you are not giving me much to work with

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damn gfr i was about make some food
less enthusiastic now

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im not sure if cutting PCBs is great for kids to be around

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