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not usually with steppers, but unless they are backing off on current when not moving, they will have max holding torque without a reaction time
a typical servo feedback loop needs to see error before putting current into the coils to compensate
they could just sit there pumping current into the coils without changing the phase, but usually they dont
3 phase servo motor is pretty much just a very coarse stepper, feedback loops aside

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hold is normal for a stepper, for a servo, if theres gravity or work load, it has to use power to stay still
it does, unless there is constant force like gravity, holding torque is variable depending on work load
friction will do some of the work to keep error down, but it will fight correcting the error too
so you need more power to correct error, but there will likely be less error in the first place
this is just generally speaking, steppers can operate with feedback, either like servos or to detect a fault

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ball screws and linear guides are probably going to be less maintenance drama
brakes arent used much except maybe for some simpler 4 and 5 axis stuff
servos and steppers are pretty much same thing, resolution is different, servos are just very-microstepped

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pretty much
depends on the machine
with open loop step, its about losing steps, rocking around a hold position, 'spring' effect in step transitions
with PID systems, not really that different

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it means your setup is more influenced by the work
anyway, if an inefficient machine is tuned well unloaded, its more likely to be consistent under heavy load
if an efficient machine is tuned well, heavy loads are a huge swing in effective inertia and can trash all the hard work spent tuning

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macgyver0: i dont think its a nickname, pretty sure they actually named the motor that
also trump is as much a dem as epstein, and ive booted you for being a tucker carlson
except tucker is faking it, and you actually think everyone wants to eat tomi lauren out
rab: torque reduction ratio, shrug
also im not sure efficiency is the greatest thing in a cutting application

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