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but he got me in and out of dealers super quick, knew sales managers, and found the civic LX w/ manual at a dealer like 50 miles away
yeah civic sport and Si are easy to find in manual
i wanted something base trim, tho. i think manual is the only option on the Si and type R
heh, my civic has steelies, i pulled the hubcaps off
cool, good sign

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their dual clutch seems sorted from the get go, too
ford seems to be playing catch up, still
i think mazda is the only other brand still makes a lot of manuals
you can get a manual 6, i think
in LA area, there was like half dozen manual fits
i passed on jetta because new ones seem sprung like clouds
brothers broker friend seemed to ignore me when i brought up golfs

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i should have tried the golf but i was kind of sick of dealerships and car broker
the dual clutch on the fiesta was so bad
it was better at low speed creep than the focus rental i drove years ago
but it felt like a slushbox at speed, motorboat feeling out of turns
i actually like the honda cvt better, was surprised
def happier with a manual vs either of those

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but its worth about 3 or 4 more mpg
driving normally, non eco, i tend to rev it out to 4000 to 4500
in eco, shifting how it wants me to, about 1000 revs less
i mostly ignore 6th, too
unless highway and almost no traffic, which is rare for me
but for first 600 miles, i left it eco mostly, never rev'd above 3500, wasnt too bad
i like, it except for the throttle is too far from the brake to heel toe
there is an aftermarket part to reposition it, tho, maybe get that
its under 3k lbs tho, so pretty light for modern car
pretty shit tires, but the grip is pretty linear so okay on mountain roads if listening to the tires

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did i get 32mpg? sure, once
but realistically it was a 24mpg car
the mazda 3 just failed on me was 2.3L, about 27 mpg
the civic 2.0L i have now is mid 30s if i leave it in eco mode, like 32 if i drive it how i want
mid 30s w/ modern I4, no hybrid, safe chassis is pretty typical
its a manual
but it has LED in the dash that says when it wants you to shift, and it wants you to shift much sooner, use all 6 gears
basically two light bars that fade from green to white
and yeah seems to detune and remap throttle
has two overdrives
geared out to like 180mph in 6th, maybe 150 in 5th

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macgyver0: 86 crx hf
and at best mileage was about the same
it was a 1.3L, i had one, fun to drive because no power
acceleration and top speed was likely worse than a prius, handling was prob better, but car wasnt safe
yeah no
those were like 30mpg, maybe bit more
the crx that got prius mpg was 1650 lbs from factory with a CVCC motor
wasnt magic, was just light and low displacement
lots of legroom
no back seats
yeah prob not both of those things at once
thats like saying my toyota TC 2.4L was a 32mpg car

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net|: 2kW isnt even 3hp
hybrid turbo makes a lot of sense, because the turbo itself increases efficiency, and adding a motor to the spindle solves turbo lag issues while allowing regen
in a building, you dont have to use energy to move the weight of the regen system so if its huge who cares

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