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dutch people are smart

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still think it prob works great long as you dont cut anything
well, for a few days
i dunno what that is, its not in the middle of the tube

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i dont see it dont well in crashes or medium term heavy loads
i bet it works unloaded for a few days once you line everything up
ground steel rails, all the FDM and hollow tube in machines 6061, maybe pretty cool
what is that brace?

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like if you replaced the steel tube with ground stock maybe it would be more consistent, but would be $$$ and the FDM will still prob fuck itself pretty quick
would be interesting to see it after a few crashes
oh wtf
well, would be easier on the bearing assumblies
but thats going to happen to the fdm anyway, shrug
maybe you could tweezer in steel spacers
it would work but it would be annoying as fuck

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pretty much everything that looks long term uses purpose made linear guides and bearing assemblies
random bearings on extrusion guides seems like wood tolerances
on the jero thing? that doesnt look very long term

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shrug, think they can use lasers and a lot of diff material
i dont think objet printing is good for loaded structures, unless its gotten way better
shit seems crumbly, kind of inconsistent
ideally you just use 6061 blocks with 6061 or extrusion spans to mount steel rails
probably better aluminum structurally but i doubt its cheap
for a jero sized thing, you could prob find blocks of it to tie extrusion together cheap

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i think it would kind of grind itself into a sloppy mess
like, i worry about extrusion hardware slowly eating into extrusion, and it would prob do way better than FDM
i bet you can SLA print high temp stuff
but probably to aproach aluminum deflection, everything would be goofy big
maybe cheaper to just use 6061 for everything

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i dont think FDM is engineering material
not really homogenous, maybe even MDF is better is it doesnt get wet
and i feel like if people saw something with injection ABS doing the same thing, theyd considering it cheap crap

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right span becomes the problem
and X is longest axis
even if it seems funk

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jeezus fuck at meters
yeah trying to slew around the grantry frame and spindle is pretty nuts
everything gets big
thats maybe better than typical mill structure, you dont have a spindle sticking way out from a column to get Y length

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definitely think moving table designs have a huge advantage
that thing looks sexy
giant matrix plate is giant
how would you mount to that?
and i bet those happen cheap if you can actually move it

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but yeah, big pro gantries usually lots of overkill welded steel square tube, and even then the weight to span issues cause problems for precision stuff
its like typical proportions barely work when its done right

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gantries kind of seem like a compromise even when well done
used linear guides and extrusion with blocks of 6061 for bracing maybe good weight/deflection compromise for decent money
or just normal steel extrusion hardware with some care to make sure things stay tight

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