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i bet friction coef shoots up
i think it means it wear into particles that it basically rolls on
i think its fairly high temp, so they prob dont turn stick as much as say ABS, i think its harder than ptfe so maybe works better in that manner
basically it makes its own bearings
my guess is you get it hot and that powdery layer turns to gum
shrug, if its consistent, fuck it thats what backlash comp is for
as long as load is consistent, seems to work okay
im out of cayenne flakes, fuuuuuu

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tho consumable brass nut works surprisingly well w/ backlash compensation
heh, maybe with coolant

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blackmoon: confirmed, can do that
Y is only 5.5", maybe few tenths more, but i make it work
and if this is for real, my shit is packed up right now, ill prob put in storage instead of bring it to new apartment

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