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maybe it has a balun for isolation
maybe theres an active filter
but could just be a cap

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so yeah my guess is its between 22 and 100 pF
meaning theyre selling you a very cheap capacitor
its prob just a ceramic disc
meaning its not going to let power mains power through, but itll let some of the radio interference on the line through, turning the mains wiring into a random as fuck antenna
its prob a this
it will prob work random
like most tv antenna
anyway i just wouldnt feel comfortable plugging mains to an antenna input on expensive gear with just some shit random part in between

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aerith_gx: my guess is its just a small capacitor that filters out 60hz but lets a lot of radio interference through
like 100pf in series or something
RG6 impedance in 75R
100pf would be 21MHz high pass
even with a 1meg loading, still high passes at 1500hz

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