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blackmoon: bunnies dont lay eggs

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its like ivy except three leaves connect to the end of the branch in same place
could just stay away from ivy looking stuff like i mostly stay away from oak tree saplings

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ya, that looks like mine
oak tree
poison oak
leaves jagged like tree, but no spikes, fake, danger!
but when there is enough poison oak to be a problem, its kind of easy to tell, every branch ends in three leaves and the tree saplings never that dense

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like, fires will burn them out, and they will just come back
oh, yeah i guess just coast live oak then
poison oak isnt spiky, thats another clue
oh yeah thats way diff, thats like when i looked in tree book, was like wtf is this
they spread out the same and get huge trunks the same, looks like
theyre fun to climb because you can just walk normal on thick spread out branches
seems like just leaves are diff

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Poison ivy plants are common in the western half of US. Poison oak is found in the eastern side particularly along the coast of Mississippi.
im so confused
also i was confused when i found out only coast live oak is hard spiky leaves
other oaks have regular wussy leaves
hard spiky leaves?
we just have those i think
they will grow out of cliffs like fuck you gravity
i wonder if your live oak is same as ours
if not same, def tree bros
yeah that ones bark looks like ours when they get old

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like, shit has crazy thorns, is super dense, but rabbits zoom around under it
does pac northwest have poison ivy instead of oak? i dont even know what poison ivy looks like
sculptor: how much are pistachios there?
poison oak looks like sapling coast live oak, which grows in same areas along streams
super tricky, if leaves in three, let it be!
ive hiked through it when i was younger, nothing happened
but i guess immunity isnt always lifelong, so i leave it alone

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walnuts are overrated, except for mac on crack
rab: its also why 'a walk through the forest' isnt really a think, unless you are a bunny
they got whole meadows full of the shit, i felt like if you ejected from a plane and landed in that, you would prob be stuck forever but at least youd have blackberries
oh, just dont touch it, eat from the upper bush
poison oak happens a lot here, it means rain happened, so kind of a positive sign
they all have bug pee on them
but theyre so tasty
prob also the stuff at stores has bug pee plus pesticide
rabbits kind of live under the blackberry

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$100/mo gets you quite a big box
what does the_gfr smoke?
pack every other day cig habit def cover a storage space
maybe that is code for the reefer
omg nom
in pacific northwest, blackberry is everywhere
like, their weeds have blackberries, how can you be mad at that

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wtf @ 6ghz

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yeah but im waiting for everything to catch fire
and its static electricity in a fluid
normally the charge would be stuck but i guess in oil, it just flows around
heh @ holy cookie

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