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shrug i wont be getting anything for awhile
thats pretty neat
guys i dont like automatic transmissions
they are so bad at traffic
so glad i dont have to deal with irl dad anymore

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universal citywalk had some shit but i could not afford
you know universal studios?
yeah this too
citywalk was like the promenade thing attached
with a hard rock and bunch of other spendy restaurants
and the cinexplex odeon
also the venue i forgot its name
where boingo did farewell show
universal ampitheater

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my writing mostly depends on sleep and paper im using
tho even when its good, my lower case v n u look same
oh and a
my blocky uppercase is #1
i want to get vr for racing sim
also elite dangerous

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i love/hate the F1 team
the clones are never really the same
everything else tastes like medicine/vitamins
many tired
i think first real paycheck in like 5 years happens tomorrow
because you were probably mean about it
dont be mean

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you printed emails?!
guys i have to stay up so i dont wake up at 2am
all the coffees at work was not enough today :(
but then i wont be able to sleep
two jobs ago had free redbulls in breakroom
i dont drink sodas but now i like redbull :\
omg srs?
i have maybe a few a week and i havent had any in months
you need tea
all the time, coffee water tea
its like 2x more than coke at least

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flyback: <3
oh neat jero32 is the fng
i was the fng before
what will you do this historic data?
you have their addys on floppy?
neat, gl

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