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do these people give a shit about electronics?
otherwise, bant
k carry on

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shrug, dont care so much, youll be fine
i got a B average
on average, i did not get a B
some of them definitely
i was not consistent, sometimes i would be high side, sometimes low
the non CAD mechanical stuff was hard for me unless we actually built something
but calculating bunch of loads, and the stuff youre doing now, im not the best
electronics and controller programming stuff, i did great
supposedly the teacher sucked, shrug
im like, guys read the datasheet
i did 8051 stuff long time ago
yeah saw
good work!

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i thought i was going to fail dynamics final, i studied my ass off, mostly so i wouldnt feel so bad about failing
got a 96
if i had to do it today, probably
yeah but the concepts mostly stick
is neat a lot of this stuff is coming up in newjob so spendy education maybe wont end up down the drain

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This work is supported by the HiFIVE (High Frequency
Integrated Vacuum Electronics) program of DARPA
fun still exists at DARPA
or at least it did 8 years ago
jero32: other hacker gave me same advice maybe 6 or 8 years ago, just dont be afraid when you read something you dont understand
at some point, you understood none of this, but youve gotten this far
yeah, text book problems are not the same as real life
irl, problems are usually simpler, or just not something a text book will cover

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oh it says there are three nn1000, and i guess they back off to .008" tooling
seems like operationally it is micromachining
the only thing documented as nano range is surface finish, using same terminology, my taig is micromachining, which i dont feel is accurate
jero32: yeah just dont get upset when it doesnt make sense, thats pretty normal at first

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maybe the nn series mori seiki machine doesnt seem to be a thing on the internets, some prototype
wonder how you deal with nano machined chips
guess nano refers to step resolution, they are using .004" diameter tooling, minimal insanity

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rab: right but the ask seems to be to preserve the media because i dont know why
jero32: i think ive used that book
and i think you are doing the right thing, just bounce around and do the stuff you can, the math in general will make more sense when youve worked it a bit

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safest is prob something with a wide erase head or some two pass method that works same as?
shredding files sequentially seems like a timesink, too
well sure but that kills the office
i guess they want to reuse the tapes?

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rab: go to an auto junker and borrow their magnet crane instead?

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