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chop shops just a bunch of 8 year old and carpet
just a bunch of people sitting in it confused

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ya, heh
just falls apart around the driver

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heh @ tring to make downforce at 12mph w/ a wing full of holes
says just a small steel bit
and actual bugatti wheels
lego brake discs and calipers haha
its vented!
they figured out the B but had no solution for the G
gotta wonder what the wheel studs are attached to

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flipped the lego buggati
18 mph at the ring
internets says its over 1M pieces
haha i was joking but i guess 18mph is theoretical top speed
they only had the balls to take it to 12mph
haha @ 2304 motors
There.s a functional speedometer made from Lego, and it even has a working active rear spoiler that pops up on the back end of the car, just like the real thing.

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well right because his modded shit is adding load
does this end well?
he could have tried three in a triangle
hes prob just an arm like thing

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yeah series fans dont work

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yeah what year was this?
no real work where i went to school, basically everyone there was like FLEE
okay well its way worse now
but cost of living made sense where i went
anyway i didnt just have like $50K lying around, and saving until i was mid 50s isnt great for ROI
but comparing school 20 years ago to now is pretty naive, plenty of charts to tell that story

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right, trader joes usually means suburbs, jobs
worst case, i end up back in situation similar to this
couldnt really save money in college, so this is pretty crap

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no much diff where newjob is, but its closer to beach there
ventura county
so closer to sycamore canyon and leo carillo beaches
<3 <3 <3
can save maybe $1k if i find some students or whatever to room with
its about the same as where i live in los angeles, money wise
can maybe find a studio for little more than a room
but i need something with a kitchen, least a tiny one and reg fridge
can afford more, but i want to kill off the loans with shitty interest quick
heh, i always check for trader joes

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commut is like 45m to an hour until i move, is cables and sensors for cnc stuff, drive solidworks electrical, put out production line fires
company is almost famous for decades for shitty work environment but i kind of want to see how the sausage is made
for me especially
if it works out long term probably a lot of money issues will have been sorted
and ill have learned to deal with that kind of shit, shrug
its not that far
prob going to try and find month to month thing
or room
same here
since i rented a place i chatsworth like 7 years ago at $900, its gone up like $1k
around that, one bedroom, yeah

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cheater: im not sure cardboard would help?
yoga mat is packed up someplace
looks like older bro wants to just go buy me matress pad
we cant punt to his kid when im done with it,, hes about to enter dorm life
mean a big mem foam pad, so no washing
shrug, its my mattress, my sweat, i change sheets often enough
mem foam mattresses are cheap from overstock and have probably been the highest value purchases in my life
like, all of a sudden i could sleep and life felt normal

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you need soup!

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cheater: plan is a 3" or 4" mem foam pad
jero32: step 1!

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