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honestly prob no one would care if it was fast
i kind of want a fattydove racing shirt

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bg is some bob dobbs looking shit

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wtf racing
want to see the fattydove racecar

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i get rivet nut i just took typo literally
omg @ larger

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rivet nut?
gpf: right i just didnt understand rivet net
i was imagining some patterned rivet thing

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like i think he started as a parody of youtube vids, and now he is a parody of his old vids

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haha @ 'fuckin breaker'
jero32: probably his cats were there
and 'seems pretty dumb' is like the mission statement of electroboom

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electroboom is more comedy than informative, hes obviously not as dumb as hes acting

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update where he figures out the thing he tested was actually just to set off the .22 blank: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G6NXge8DAE
now im watching him figure out a dynomite detonator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbAxn5dgoic
is youtube autoplay, wants me to see big clive die

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dammit jero ive been stuck on big clive fucking up his bench
i had not seen the explody disconnect one yet

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its because you hang out here while not on a treadmill or stationary bike

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i got it, im just observing hes crazy nervous and pointing out tourettes happens with no clear stimulation
ha wtf hes goes 5ma above 10 and hes wants to go more
jezus fuck just ride a roller coaster or something
so in conclusion, get fat for safer electronics hacking
*0.5mA above 10

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jero32: !
hes making up for that shitty hot dog cooker vid
thats not tourettes hes scared

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