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eh indeed
i guess i call dealer and ask how much
if less then $20 i have them try, if not, i just buy new one for $20
oh damn you need two chip keys to program third so i have to go to dealer for sparekey anyway

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i dont even have an led to short across battery holder terminals
i go try again with pcb popped out
and new battery

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i have the one amazon has for my car
is like some asshole broke tiny little tab on battery holder
asshole, you just have to press battery edge and it flys out
was blocking one + contact from popping way out but it has two contacts
this shit needs an led
pretty sure toyotaCar keyfob had a dim led

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i think fob is dead but i dont have scope or even dmm here so iunno
i assume the mechanics did, they had to take it out to do motor mount
they showed me before after pics of the battery crust they cleaned from the tray, they were very proud of the work
no on the fob its in right
there is even a little diagram on the pcb!

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pretty sure the dealers do what i just did
it does lock-unlock cycle to confirm its ready for fob, then lock-unlock-lock-unlock when its done, did that, doesnt work
was weird for a day before it died, like i had to be all close to car, so i thought battery, but i replaced
stupid previous owner dog chewing up fob
that worked

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do not have a dmm here
or scope
my keyfob stopped working!
i did the konami code dance with the ignition and doors and it automatically locked and unlocked back at me but it wont listen to keyfob
it dead or i dunno how does it die i replaced battery its like and ic and three switches
it was dog chewed when i got it, still worked
maybe those mechanics unplugged a thing

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rab: you have to stop beto
hes going to hurt people with his crazy arm movements

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