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pretty well behaved in the other chan for like a decade, i wouldnt care
top secret

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considering what she ended up dissapointed about that doesnt seem out of character
i should hit the local spot that does a hill of seasoned fries before it gets turned into a starbucks or some shit
anyway, the brexit thing is weird
i guess theyve decided they dont want the deal but they dont want no deal brexit but there is no deal
when do they just make the wrong vote on overturning the original vote
that seems like the logical next step
illogical step?
anyway, i like brits, hope they figure it out

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cheater it matches!
the site is like a piece of a very big earthworm
well hes not saying sorry or trying to explain the ban evasion
i should try poutin
im surprised quebecer girl didnt do that to me

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wonder if he messages again about how im just mad because tomi lauren is on his side
ya basically
is he still alive?
i kind of liked him when i watched the movies
ha, message window lights up, def in a hurry to read that
would be surprised if they werent least per capita energy and plastic users
also he gets tubaman- going

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23:33:27 <+Macgyver0> Uh, that'd be like Phillip-Morris telling you fags cause cancer
not sure the point youre making
both did studies, knew the situation, kept it from the public
having the information available gives people better ability to make choices in both situations
really dude?
off topic, also am shitty op, anyway

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easier to get at the oil without all that ice
oil companies think so

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100 hours of burnin prob wouldnt do anything unless they used cotton candy as the insulator
doesnt seem to analyze anything anyway
its just something you can put a scope on and feel like somethings happening
shrug, thats often the case with legit audio
oh i did a pun

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like, you could check for bad contact by a burn in test and then putting the cables on an analyzer after
but thats pretty ridiculous
if you had some fancy cable with a ridic amount of capacitance it would maybe be worth putting on an analyzer to show how shit they are
but wtf is the point of a cable like that

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that guy can schematic
i just knew wtf was going on in like half second
i can forgive him for + on bottom in second stage

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thats neat i guess, is it at all consistent?
i guess if its not out in the open and not connected to a trace

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shrug, i figured it out in a few seconds
and it doesnt have pots
whats up with q1

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sidewalks here usually wide enough for emergency vehicle plus trees so not a big deal
i ride bike on sidewalk, LA cops dont care, have told me theyre not going to force me to ride a bike in the street because wtf thats crazy
yeah sfv not anything close to that
i havent spent anytime in santa monica or venice lately, supposedly more
shrug, never been a fan of that place anyway
i won it
naw i wont three
omg coffee ready
say why

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including the LOL JK response when its pointed out
anyway if youre going to get perfboard and soldering involved, i offered a <$5 solution
but semicolons :\
$100 solution is kind of 1980s sexy
rab: you dont like scooter litter?!

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rab: https://forum.digikey.com/t/time-delay-relay-functions/577
prob works
shrug, its bunch of pots, who knows
millions arent and you say a lot of the same shit as them

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raspi you could poll time
tho right if 'hidden semicolons' is a big problem for you, stick with a 555
i dunno this is apperently where experimenting with microcontrollers ended for macgyver0
you can buy a relay with a timer built in and a trim pots to set function/time on the front

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you have to have the pot and a cap, same as you have to have a mcu
if you have the mcu, it can be 3 lines of code
and itll be dead on
all of linux for a 10 min spaced toggle is a ridic as a 555
also yeah if youre going to fuck with pots, you can prob just buy a one shot timer relay for under $10
a 555 can do this?
timer and a second timer or just use some delay routines in a HAL
with an stm32 disco it you need to generate the init code, which would be way under 5 min, and two HAL_Delay inserts
same shit with an arduino

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jezus fuck, microcontroller

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