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shtug, st has monitor software independent of truestudio
and the cubemx shit is awesome for peripheral and clock setup

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make sure youve actually rebuilt all the code
shrug, atmel is dead to me
danielson: the only time what youre talking about happens is when ive changed code, but havent actually saved it
both i guess
atmel is a dead company and my old shit doesnt work anymore
st shit always just works
and the software tools are neat
and the chips are mad cheap w/ awesome peripherals
and the docs are vast and seemingly correct
i used keil with the free chips
and switched to truestudio after ST bought it
all i had to do was change the byte alignment preprocessor shit
because gcc
and shit just worked again, and i expected that so no downtime

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danielson: maybe because processing slow during debug and watchdog is on an independent timer?
that seems more like a uC specific peripheral issue, not watchdog issue
unless watchdog is standard cmsis
maybe try turning the watchdog off
anyway, watchdog fault prob has a subroutine, put some infinite loop in that and see if its actually a watchdog fault or some other hard fault
after that, i dunno, go have some coffee
h hardfault is not occuring
read that wrong
k so what is happening
where does it stop

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in india?
guy is prob still in india living in same home

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shouldnt BLOCKCHAIN have revealed this instantly?
where is this guys body

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haha @ typing around a psu

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good work tho
whats resistance?

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its only one drop, kinda
depends on how spendy, how much headroom

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mosfets in a lot of forward conversion SMPS instead of diode rectifiers
macgyver0: how are you making these suumptions without knowing application or goals?
does efficiency matter?
oh its still that?
shrug, mosfet rectifier is old hat in PC PSU, audio supplies
and you prob dont need to rectify it
power triac plus opto triac is crazy simple, low parts
can prob just use aluminum plate for heatsink
im guessing less

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