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i have a speaker with that plug and all my cables are in storage
i can just pull some screws out of the building and do that!

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jero gonna get a tek scope from the 60s
jero that model is from the 70s, heh
maybe yours was made in the 80s
least there is not much to go wrong with it

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its like how golden samples of products will be stored for reference
but shit hits the fan, line-down or fabrication deadline, fuckit pull out the golden sample and rip it apart, test the mod, go go go

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jero32: two jobs i was at, the majority of the jbc tips had been abused and were broken by the time i got there
my guess is they broke pyring connector or magnetic component pins
or even heavier package pins like TO220, chipamps, power diodes
some of them looked intentionally crushed, so my guess is thats how to temp fix them if the internal connections are damaged
the tips
sometimes that doesn't matter at >$100M companies with deadlines

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the tips are much lighter so they heat up faster
hakko shit is about that fast
grandma's a hardcore gamer
grinding on that solitaire

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youre using a china IC?
do you have two IC?
you can get thermocouple extension wire and make a probe super cheap
yeah you sound like you got it figured out and have backup plans

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sorry i havent been paying much attention
what are you using for temp reference?
heh, quick and dirty checks, i usually do boiling water and smashing probe between ice cubes
how accurate the tip thermometer?
i would just worry about the thermometer having a bit of a curve to it, but it might not matter for figuring out standard TC curve
just need to get a wide enough range where TC values are pretty spread
you can maybe run two amps, assuming they're isolated inputs, and weld together the DUT and a known thermocouple

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dont see a break in the plastic where the wire would have to change sides
this thing is a confusing hack
initially i thought the plastic wrapped the whole thing to keep it together
but i cant really tell
is cold side compensation amp?
youre just trying to see the curve?

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interesting that its a lot of parallel loops
wonder if the curve in the wire is mirrored on the other side
seems like the ends would get a lot hotter
w/ nichrome that would be like nothing for resistance
unless the wire is under the plastic

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