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rab: the fedex office kiosk has usb reader, maybe thats part i left out
tho itll let you send to an email address, and then it kicks back a code you can enter into kiosk
i learned this when my kingston keychain usb flash misbehaved

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secret microsd reader
admittedly i have not tried shoving them into usb-a yet
the surface keyboard clone is pretty okay so far except the plastic loop holds stylus broke off
i never use stylus, tho

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guys two weeks until F1
my chuwi was awesome for a few months then i dunno, battery took a shit or firmware update went bad or fuck knows
this an acer, is pretty much normal windows laptop
rab: no my trash is by sandisk and huge in comparison and i still have trouble not losing it
no i fingernet it

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i think library is more to print
rab: there was self service w/ with scanners in the cubicle but they said was pay by the minute there
didnt want to risk it
yeah but my little tablet pc only has one usb-A and i got the mouse nub plugged into it
but it has a microsd slot and i got a microsd to usb-A adapter
i should prob get a bluetooth mouse

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macgyver0: they were fedex kinkos for awhile before fedex office, and yeah its the same fucking thing with diff name printed on the pens
i paid under $0.50 for three b&w prints from usb, is pretty much self service with a touchscreen card reader kiosk, and $2 to have two pages scanned at help desk
but faxing shit will bankrupt a mfkr
they got swingline staplers tho
they dont even charge you for staples

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macgyver0: kinkos has been dead for closer to a decade, pretty sure
poor b&w laser printer scanner is trapped in a box in storage garage :(

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life without a printer/scanner is hard
like, i gotta go to a place for this shit?

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jero32: you need a sensor for your sensor so you can sense while you sense
shrug, long as hes learning a thing and having fun
dont even want to count
just gotta finish one to prove you can :)

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