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yeah this is maybe best ever use of a piano soundboard
its like he got instruments in a small orchestra to ring perfectly in sync

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well spent

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efex: heh, sounds like you have a bow in there sometimes
thanks for sharing, i remember you talking about this long time ago
i expected something more raw

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naw we both heard it, i think its a long sustain hardwood thing
my j bass did something kind of similar when i installed a babicz full contact bridge
a boss guy said thats why most bridges are kind of isolated, saddles up on pegs
like its random as fuck so kind of undesirable for production guitars
just have to make decent contact
it wont want to stick to the thermocouple but itll probably help
maybe a clip or something

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efex: i guess because all the in between sounds are coming off one soundboard?
like, it doesnt cancel the same reflection reverb does
right that kind of go off on their own tangents
lots of guitars will do that but this is like massive in comparison
yeah i had a friend with a neck through carvin had 'ghosts'
you could play melodies and it had these harmonic tons that werent the same melody
way down but super repeatable
just something with the wood

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no thank you
i like ambient but theres something about how all the tones are kind of tied together in this
like, sequenced tracks w/ reverb dont do this
right i didnt think so, it doesnt sound processed and generated

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rab: have you headphoned?
the spooky ring goes all the way down
its like the piano resonance moves
theres a few notes that do that twisted spready things, its fucking beautiful

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third one just started
restarting with headphones

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for the kids with machines doing drugs!
the faster attack stuff sounds really cool
harp would be neat but the piano is def adding a lot of something
first two i think?

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however you did it works
theyre way down i was trying to listen for them, they sound neat
theyre waaay down, i didnt go back to find them
i dunno how to describe the way it sustains sometimes, like tone twists and kind of spreads, is like some sort of inside out reverb thing
like the room got stretched
it doesnt seem to do it same way twice
should definitely sample the fuck out of it

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efex made a long attack piano :O
thats not good
the hammery parts in first track sound harpsichordy
this is a bunch of takes?
everything rings off each other really nice

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