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if the brakes work

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courses too long, speeds too high, also it would be harder to spectate
im not really into drag racing
teslas do not have good times at the 'ring
honda civics do better
they had one

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this is like people crying about the imminent death of formula 1
for 30+ years
they cant run on actual circuits yet, shrug
getting there, tho

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commendable goal, but a bit broad
we know
shit, ive seen enough pics i maybe know too well, but he contributes, he seems to find some joy in things
so whats the problem exactly effex
you need flyback to be happy all the time?
i mean, i dont really think settling for the current state of the world and being happy about everything is positive
but if you can figure that out, congrats ill let you know when i decide literally everything is okay and my chemicals are in balance
i mean, hes still here
he still posts random ass content relating to decades old tech
seems to enjoy hack and slash anime
i dont think people studying this 100% understand how mental illness works
thank you

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in any case, how he deals with his emotions is his business
disrupting in here is ours, and in general hes pretty reserved in his trolling lately
i dont see him as a pet, i see him as a quirky peer with a canadian hate schtick
if happiness on efnet for all is your goal, i think youre going to struggle with life

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efexx: why are you trying to reason with someone you claim has no ability to be reasonable?
just ignore him if hes causing you personal distress
when hes disruptive in here, he gets kicked and/or banned
thats maybe why his bans in here arent sticky
chemical imbalance might be why hes still interested in ancient useless tech
its interesting sometimes
or maybe the opposite
and maybe we wouldnt find treated flyback as interesting

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honestly i dont think theyre meant to be
i support these messages efexx
theyre essential to keeping the balance of... something
ignore him
i think the most interesting thing is he claims to have a canuck cock, but claims to be anti canuck
im not sure if i like the bots not autokicking on bans anymore
right theres supdies and downsides

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bad behavior is a societal norm
its variable
mental illness is neural activity which produces observed behavior outside of acceptable societal normals
is flyback mentally ill for normal society?
is flyback mentally ill in the context of efnet?
in this channel, hes become a familiar troll
maybe he wants to die
hes on topic often enough
bm and flyback get along over anime shit im definitely not interested in
im cool with that
the johad against canadians seems to have reached a minimally distruptive steady state
if flyback is actively hurting people outside this channel, you maybe have something to back your arguments, but i know of nothing like this
i dont think his attacks on bm are very effective

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racist like anti canadian?
you think his chats are result of random keyboard tapping in a siezure state?
so racism is excusable as mental illness?
that we know of
maybe efexx is avrfreak
thats using a crminal definition

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you seem to be supporting moons argument

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i guess you could argue that brains arent closed systems
but then its difficult to show anyone has any control

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