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rab: its the ECU for this https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/car-technology/a22872452/lego-bugatti-chiron-pictures-specs-video/

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cheater: the base is just for laying out the contact blocks?

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cheater: keeps cheese from sticking
my serrated knife isnt serrated like a bread knife
still works
maybe better, more sawing than cutting, but who cares i lose 1/16" of bread
if you mostly just use one knife, its fine
i mostly use three, bread, straight, chef, theyre all same shit flimsy stainless w/ same shit serrated edge
its basically same knife with diff knuckle clearance and tip
they were cheap and didnt die
its a saw, but same shit as bread
not too much
not enough to care for my purposes

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if i was on a knife mission i would just raid second-hand shops, classified, get a decent sharpening block setup
honestly ive prob saved myself several trips to hospital because crap serrated knives
they work, usually arent sharp to begin with
just take more umf
but like, for breads, serrated works fine, sometimes better
almost same for cheese
veggies and meat, can be frustrating, but shit is usable
it doesnt happen
well, super rarely, you can usually feel contact and just stop before it breaks skin
cheese loving one
honestly blade surface shape prob matters more for cheese than edge
you can do cheese with a serrated butter knife

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cheater: either way its cool im just like, how they get so much energy into the little cube
right, some magnets on some actuators underneath
maybe some coils to inductive heat little memory wire joints
has to do with different grain structures in metal vs time
because knife
he makes them foolio
all my knives are bad :(

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cheater: is the robot self powered?
i think the table is a bot and this is a trick
yeah long as you dont bubble the acrylic i think its okay, dunno for sure tho
cutting it def makes a specific smell
have you tried food grade mineral oil?
prob more $ but i doubt its much more if you buy gallons
the canola do something to the look?
yeah i imagine canola is cheaper by gallon, too
i think burnt mineral oil might be okay, else it would be used in food machines, but who knows with a lot
right but i think its made to be okay if it falls onto something hot for cooking
yeah but smells soo good
cooking with butter vs oil is pretty much about burning it perfectly

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not sure how active it is, but if you drip the wrong way, it can fuck up connectors and unsealed relay bits
right, thats like, should i reflow with the oven i also cook pizza in
you are probably going to be okay, but maybe not if its an everyday thing

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yeah dont seem right
yeah rosin is kind of a mess
works great, especially for rework
like, i would work inside a blob of rosin for a lot of stuff, can look inside blob with a scope
but you have to either soak up with a lot of cotton and iso, or just use a ton of iso and let it drip off
if you just kind of rub at it with iso and a brush, itll distribute the rosin across the whole board, get a thin sticky layer

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so you are right, all the 63/37 wont be the same
probably the the metal is mostly the same
yeah just use what gets you best results
macgyver0: https://www.mgchemicals.com/products/solder-and-accessories/fluxes/837lfws-liquid-flux-lead-free-water-soluble
i dont think it was this, but description makes it sound same

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if its weller or kester, or similar, and you like it and follow directions, you should be fine
if something says no clean, its usually best to clean it off anyway
they make lots of soldering accessory stuff, they maybe just buy from the other companies and relabel it
yeah thats perfect for cleaning
macgyver0: theres water soluble stuff you can dillute
i had some blue shit was almost as thin as water, dont remember the brand
its mostly a preference thing
if youre automating stuff, having choices can help
like, spray whole boards, inject gel across certain component pins
the water stuff was cool because you use a few drops and it would spread, wick up onto everything
jackbrown: almost all the solder has flux in it, which effects how itll work

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i think for that specific situation you could maybe just run a parallel thermostat
like one of those dual setting ones, just to keep temps within some wide range, and then IoT can be set to whatever in that range
liquid like gel or water flux?
water based flux seems to work better, but i guess its usually pretty strong and will continue to corrode unless washed off, i dunno anything about diff brands
gel flux, i have a little jar of radioshack stuff, it works the same as the other stuff ive used at work
work stuff was prob kester, mg chems, something like that

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sculptor: either solution, w/ offline shadow system monitoring for strange behavior with killswitch capabilities
like, who cares about flashing lights, but getting your heaters fucked with is maybe life critical

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