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kevtris: small upside of the digikey 'more filters' bullshit is i think there are more filters
nice, you can shiftclick multiple select chrome tabs

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u hi

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guy what lunix should i do for laptop
i dont care so i guess debian

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timecop: everything works because we live in the future

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heh @ 1n4148 LEDs
one shot LEDs

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yeah sounds weird
it should say a voltage in one direction when its lit up, and read open in the other direction

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i would try changing the battery if the LED still works
do you mean it works on the board like, diode testing across test pads?
its red, it should be around 2v
thats very strange
it works like it lights up or it works like, shows a diode voltage
shrug, sure post a link to LED
oh you can get it to light up but not test?

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is it blue or white?
oh, yeah thats a bit weird
are you sure it still works?
maybe, usually it will measure the voltage and be very very dim
try pressing harder?
sometimes theres a layer of flux or who knows and you have to dig the probes in
also the terminals on some smd leds are not very big
like, if there is a little rat bit on the end, sometimes the contact is just around the rat bite, not the whole end
some dmm's diode test circuit isnt high enough voltage to test some LEDs, because setup for silicon and schottky diodes

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