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what would be wrong with getting an erection?
if girl dentist is leaning on my face with her boobs and i get a boner, i would just explain that she is leaning on my face with her boobs
i feel like if girl dr is tickling my balls, i wouldnt even have to explain
ya basically
right there should prob be some sort of communication before that
or maybe she likes you and is unprofessional

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so it does radial slices?

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yeah the hover zoom on the product pages are super cool, res is perfect

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anyway i think you should try with the plc and if shit is slow or junk, you can stm32 it with some modules for interfacing other hardware
shrug, you can just run the stm32 of a 5v supply and power shit off a completely diff supply
yeah fuck ladder i hate that shit
sure but converters are going to buffer that shit
you need strong grounds more than ripply rejection, id think
also PLC are isolated which helps a lot
yes but its work
and it doesnt seem to be a thing that exists

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kind of, theyre realtime machines
it might, but ya much less likely if you have a decent supply and typical loads and cables
uc is kind of as fast as you need it to be
right theyre already built
but i mean, so is a disco dev board
it depends a lot with what youre interfacing with, too
like, uC GPIO cant even drive a relay coil
custom shit, i would expect debug and two spins
arduino plc
whatever that means
atmel is dead
anyway, PLC are spendy, if you want fast and cheap and can build the glue electronics, stm32 is sex
but it takes time
a PLC is there
you just hook it up

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i like vegan food because its tasty as fuck, but custom soy is spendy
or soy beans?
yeah tofu is like, basic processed soy
vegan places will turn it into crazy stuff, tastes like meat
like, i go to tofu place and get seared beef, bbq duck
its $$$$ tho
lots of work, secret methods!
if you need it to go fast, and are comfortable coding low level inside timed interrupts, use uC
if human reaction speeds, try w/ plc

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beach cows = best milks
and yeah, i couldnt cook with soy and almond milk
its like japanenos
rab: can make soy taste like anything, heh

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19:26:40 < Macgyver0> heh the "milk" is aight/prevents blowouts and lasts forever in fridge
soy milk is nasty, almond milk is tasty but makes everything taste like almonds
ive had hemp milk was pretty milky and not so hempy but it was $$$
19:32:03 <+TubaMan> when i was a kid, we bought it from a neighbor, unpasturized
the non homogonized, low temp pasteurized whole milk i was getting was fucking amazing
cream top was like ultra butter
okay well i dont, i paid for it
cant find the brand :(
ut if you returned the glass bottle you got $2 and it wasnt much more than reg whole milk

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jero32: do you have like, community college?
or cheap trade school?
any classes at school?
right but can you pay money to take other classes?
shrug, sounds like maybe you just make friends with a shop

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shrug, take a class
oxy-acetylene torch welding is a bit like soldering
get things hot without overheating the work, add metal, create nice fillets
tig is like, torch welding with the finger of god
mig is kind of like metal crayon
easy to do, harder to do well, but you can prob do as well as average exhaust shop pretty quick
coat hangers to hold the work?
or as the filler material
i dunno if i should be impressed or scared

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