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no thats normal
people who dont do it a lot arent always comfortable, especially if not in a comfortable place, or around familiar people
like, i hate getting high, the change of states, the fade delta
being high is neat
and right, all sorts of glass dick backlighting on the knockoffs
vap bros switched from a custom ceramic thing to a quartz element
no idea i you can still get them

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macgyver0: yeah i stayed away from the vap bros knockoffs
literally soldering iron elements

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heh @ comparing smack and herb
vicodin is pretty hardcore compared to weed

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amaze part 2

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she prob a phd in astrophysics
get a mechanical engineer on a construction crew building a house, they prob end up calling him a dumbass all day, and in that context, theyd prob be right

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im definitely not as smart as i think i am
shrug, she got through nursing school and hasnt giving up despite working ER
i like this one better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mSmOcmk7uQ

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is massive micropenis like, slightly less than average penis?
well its usually said to mean that its up to you how you want to feel
yes, your shit is bad, but others have done worse, so you can feel bad or appreciate not being there
in the end its up to you
changing your reactive thoughts isnt easy but its not impossible
personally, i think blunting your mind with psychotropes isntthe best solution, but it definitely works for some
thats how a lot of people decide to change the way they think
personally, i like a friend or cognitive therapist who can consistently make me feel stupid
often feeling stupid = great progress
almost never =\

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you feelings are a product of your programming and brain structure
you can change both over time with cognitive and chemical methods
well, and concussions, and strokes, but i woudnt suggest those as therapy
says what?
er nurses arent doctors and are often drug addicts
well, theyre being nurses, they have tons of evidence for that statement
they seent shit, yo
what is your situation?
it might change someones situation
might be the thing that widens their perspective just enough for them to pull themselves out of some hole
okay well other people didnt survive the first time
so youve already done better than them
keep it up or die satisfied
or not, up to you
thats fine, that suggests you want to keep it up
i dont think anger is always a negative force

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it just means everyone had problems they have to work through
rich fucks, poor fucks, pretty fucks, ugly fucks
its all relative
jero32: thats very true, though
valid to who, jero
who validates personal problems
the truth is a lot of issues are going to happen and need to be deal with no matter how you feel about it
and that negative feelings usually block people from effectively dealing with the problems
sure but if feeling bad about them isnt helping, why feel bad?
you dont have to
is it easy? jezus fuck no
not the way were programmed
and its hard to not feel bad while taking things seriously
sure, or just dont feel sad
is that easy? again, no
it takes reprogramming, maybe chemicals, who knows
no it pretty much is jero
it can be unhealthy in extreme
so can just accepting your feelings as rigid
what if i said almost all extreme interpretations are extreme
balanced solutions that work for more situations are almost always some grey area in between polarized solutions

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its all kind of same :( :( :(
i dont understand this belgium ball
ball gets dirt from ocean because other balls say no?
okay so they got dirt from ocean

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learn to data entry
because i is current
j and i are context specific :(
naw, alpha is accel for jero now
tau = i * alpha
because t is time and T is i forgot
i guess, sure
i think thats how we did it in electronics
t is the time variable, T is 1/f
sometimes T is torque instead of tau
sometimes its M, because moment
oh duh
T is temperature

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