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ball detent got stuck

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economic ptsd more than anything else
when math was the struggle, life was pretty okay

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its two departments, email comm, and a non-standard expense reimbursement (school capstone project)
so yeah
like $900 is being held up by $120 software expense

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bunch of quebecers up in here
right they are backwards
why are we figuring this out again jero figured it out
dont make me ban all the math
jezus fuck, like a month for school to decide altium on my desktop computer isnt a security risk or accessibility issue

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i think yes
he forgot the little plus on his 2nd summing symbol
this is a funny language

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yeah maybe
im still trying to see if the top two equations match
im done with this shit, yo!
like in a general sense, i need to move already

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maybe try posting in english

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