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like, a nexus drive would work
thats so ew, tho

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blackmoon: what keeps me from doing a fixie cassette w/ freewheel crank
so i can backdrive the motor
hmm, maybe the tension arm
doing bottom bracket mont motor, backwards, with belt to some combination brake disc and sprocket seems like least drama way
oh, but no shifting

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circle graphs!

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prob >10 years ago

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what is cad app?
i hope its better
it used to be

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what does it do?

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any anyone who says 'how could anyone knows this would happen' can get fucked, he told everyone he was going to do it
rab: that was american citizens
refugees are blowback from bad policy, just like 9/11
be interesting to see how texans deal with UN peacekeepers on the border

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thats been happening for decades
thats part of why net migration is negative
like, illegals are leaving but republicans think we should do concentration camps anyway
rab: thats not polically viable
because that doesnt involve curb stomping brown people
mostly figuratively
you want shit to change, put employers in prison
otherwise, gtfo with this racist bullshit
they actually didnt follow the law and made changes to policy to avoid this situation
they also didnt create seperated minors by arresting adults for trying to claim refuge status
group homes for kids is a very unfortunate situation, because kids will always get abused and killed
it happens to american kids
actively doing it, as an admitted deterrent, is nazi status
weve already crossed the line
if you have to covers kids heads with black hoods to move them, youre the bad guy

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no it totally is
because its about what do you do with people if you decide they cant stay
and it basically shows motivations and intent
which are always important
no they rigged the system so you couldnt apply for refuge staus from your country, or at a port of entry
so when people go around, so they can claim refuge status on american land, WHICH IS LEGAL, they get arrested for crossing the border
a misdemeanor
and arguably null since theyre applying for refuge status
note that the gangs we say are a threat to americans are what theyre often running from
so to say theyre not in danger, but that we are, is clear doublespeak
so we take the kids, put them in cages, make them sleep on concrete with space blankets
and deport the parents
resources not in place to handle any of this
group home which arent even allowed to watch kids in many cities because of abuse, now watching immigrant kids
wtf nobody knows, wtf?
you do work visas and you track it to make sure no one is abused by empoyers
or you pay americans $30-40 an hour to farm
and everyone gets poorer because of food prices skyrocketing

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anyway, americans wont do the farming jobs, this has been established over and over by employers
they give up on the first day
without migrants, food would probably be 2-3x more expensive
obviously thats a solution
but the whole issue is a racist dog whistle
jero if youre family was in a dangerous situation due to crime and poverty, would you do something to make it better for your family?
im not saying your racist, im saying a lot of people pushing this issue are
border populations arent the people complaining
its middle america
like 1000 mile away from the border
jero stealing is easy to justify
if something means much more to you and your people than who you stole it from, its easy to justify
okay well they decided to strictly follow a policy that didnt work
and kids got kidnapped and their parents were deported
laws arent real, their ideas someone wrote on a paper that have no power
you do the right thing, even if it means breaking laws
you dont use laws as excuses to do the wrong thing

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its blowback
stop staging coups, stop depressing standard of living, stop helping religious revolutionaries, stop having optional wars
rambo iii was about rambo goes to help al queda fight russians
jero32: also uncontrolled is a bit of a stretch
its uncontrolled because they shut down ports of entry, forcing people to go around claiming refuge status
which also isnt illegal
and the actually crossing crime is a misdemeanor
sure and non recent immigration is related to labor
there should be migrant visas
jero32: dude, they were here before anyone else
california was mexico
texas was mexico
yes, mexicans
so we should put employers of illegals in prison
instead of kidnapping refuge children and deporting their parents

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and surely because that might be a number, we should make sure it stays the same, for i dunno, reasons
charge stations ftw
anyway, its money to be had
thats nice, show charts over time because static numbers dont mean much
show recovery efficiency over time
macgyver0: so make money making it happen
the reason renewables are low is because of energy company lobbying so its not like that reflects much
blackmoon: inb4 republican stance goes from its not human causes to, its just too late now
before its not human causes, it was a leftist conspiracy that anything was happening at all
indeed, what are we going to do about it
republicans have decided that the solution is to kick muslims and mexicans out
oh and make laws about bathrooms
priorities, yo

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EMERGENCY! solution is 10 year $30B infrastructure project everyone admits wouldnt help because airports and border crossings and tunnels exist?
again, reasonable people know this is all just a dog whistle
and smarter people know its bullshit because they dont go after employers
its either racism or idiocracy
its not a joke its an administration policy
like kidnapping kids and deporting their parents
republicans = concentration camps
of course he is, but theyre pissed because hes fucked up the trade markets
afaik theyre not doing that great
and coal mines are shutting down faster than under obama
they dont care because oil recovery efficiency will go way up once they let the polar caps melt
for a decade or two
kevtris: or higher efficiency generators
people who drive cars because they love gasoline typically dont drive efficiently
yeah kevtris thats not changing or anything

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< Macgyver0> I dunno, depends. If you are illegal and working here/not paying taxes
besides making agriculture affordable, increasing everyones standard of living, they often pay taxes they wont get back
reasonable people dont take republicans seriously on immigration because they *never* bring up the obvious solution to illegal immigration
imprison the employers
dont elect them president
by identity theft
when republicans complain about ID theft by illegals, they dont mention that it means they are paying taxes via witholdings
from their employers
they just give them an SSN that they used before
probably most of the time the illegals dont even see the paperwork
trump knows, he employs them
anyway, youre doing it again
youre deflecting instead of admitting that republicans dont want a solution that means taking responsibility
it works out for employers and consumers
in any case, illegal immigration has been net negative for 10 years
a wall would just it harder for them to leave

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like how were deporting people for almost nothing, and trumpers are like 'WTF WE DIDNT MEAN THAT MEXICAN HES OUR NEIGHBOR, HES GOOD'
like the only mexican they know besides what faux news shows them
that quote was especially telling
im sure right wing radio sprays listeners with tree hugger shit
actually when i had that job last summer, there was still a crazy amount of obama jokes and obama impersonations on right wing talk radio

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the right basically wants people to die in the street
well, certain people
well, the system is not as fucked there but its a worldwide problem
the biggest issue really is corporations and money are international
most demonstrations require it
right thats generally how the people issuing permits want it
the sad part is a lot of the representation is pretty weak
so its easy to get stupid idiot soundbites on both sides

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yes, and the precursor to bernie bros, obama boys
anyway, the comparable left movement would be occupy, 99%
but there was no resurgence of the tea party, because it was an event related to the american revolution
i mean, its basically people angry about banks, corps, and governments engineering lower standards of living for concentrated profits
golden shower economics
the left movement basically wants the banks, companies, and gov to change

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14:25:08 < THE_GFR|W> wasn't there a resurgence of the the Tea Party here in the USA a while ago? lol
the tea party wasnt a political group, it was an event named after goofy brit traditions
was vandalism, basically
the tea party that happened as a response to obama being elected was mostly wealthy republican donors organizing angry, pretty racist groups
theyre now basically the 'freedom' caucus in congress
yeah but hillary started the obama is a kenyan thing

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