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it adds tho, right?

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right thats where i was hung up, because multiplying in s-domain is convolution in time domain
so i guess literal answer is no
multipling by 1/s is convolution with a unit step
does it shoot to the moon?
might shoot to the moon

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jero32: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partial_fraction_decomposition
or answer is tyrig identities and youll have to troll dx about those
okay fine ask question
they are at the front of every other textbook i have
wiki says true
in the section labeled Table there is a table
Frunction: unit step, Time domain: u(t), Laplce s-domain: 1/s

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jero32: all engineering textbooks have racecars
all the racecars have sponsors
they all have racecars
anyway, those sponsors are advertising for free in your textbook
how does it feel to be a tiny cog in a monolith system?
jero32: id'ing cars and seasons from texbook images is probably a monthly to weekly thing on r/formula1
omg jero
all the greatest grand prix drivers started in go karts
they are almost the purest racing cars
cheater dont be a maldonado
well maybe not fangio
but back then racers were in the 60s drinking spiked tea in the cars

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like what was learned in practical engineering that spun off into a science focus
man i r hasing the grammar splats

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iunno thats just an engineering thing
hey the science dorks got this math model supposedly works, lets see if we can do something cheaper/better/faster with it
oh hey those science dorks really didnt expext all this real life to happen, lets built 100 and systematically break them and name a constant after ourselves
what would be interesting is how much engineering has fed back into science
besides the obvious operational stuff that enabling their experiments and documentation

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that game is actually radillion
i dont even know what im talking about

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yeah i think having to do dynamics, controls from a mechanical perspective, and then a motors specific mechatronic class taught by a BSEE was huge for me
haha, BSEE asking all the hard practical questions in design reviews the MSME and MSEE and PhD types dont even think of
that guy totally squirms when i tell him to learn to C, and hes got no response when i get upset and go off on the goofy automation script languages

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rab: yeah i would def make sure everything is tacked down, but if it were me id probably try and tap off a fuse box terminal somehow
i really dislike random large wire IDC stuff
the other one has better colors
pretty sure that shit pays bank
and you probably mostly model one or a few system
the diff equations part of it?
yeah that shit drives grad students nuts, just power through
if you can understand the terminology in a controls theory book by the end, youre doing fine
are you guys modeling physical shit?
or its just signals stuff
do you have to do motor stuff?

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wait i amlooking for one more thing
_digital_: https://www.digikey.com/short/p79hnd
there is stuff like that, too

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yeah but youre cutting the harness with the IDC connector
my biggest worry with those is a lot of wire movement and the IDC tear spreading
anyway, those snap on things in cars have a reputation, so at the very least i would get something from 3M or similar

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yeah i mean ideally you go back to the fuse box or one of the load things, and connect to an unused terminal
or get some sort of adapter
or mount a terminal block
theres like, spring clamp options
i dunno how i feel about that for a car
like, you want to make sure the wires arent too floppy
clear and boxy

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best connection electrically is solder with strain relief, like thick heatshrink and making sure it cant get tugged, doesnt vibrate too much
fast-on / quick-connect terminals are okay
ones from car parts store are usually insulated when mated
there are those snap together bullet crimps, too
yeah i mean, for cars, some sort of connector kit is prob cleanest solution
so you have like, crimp on terminal, and it clicks into housing, and maybe there is waterproof boot, and then you click the housings together
but if youre trying to tap off something, you maybe want some sort of shorted terminal block
those look cool, but yeah IDC is kind of a dice roll with random wires
like, for phones and old hdd cables, the cables and connectors were really standard
no i mean like, basically redoing a section of the harness

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than those IDC splices or than IDC splices in general
those are 3M, they probably work okay
but yeah big wire IDC in general kind of flakey
insulation displacement connector, its a blade that cuts in but not all the way
yes, usually

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