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blackmoon: https://youtu.be/neGdoqsuiN8?t=3m23s
rab: SFV would be fine \o/

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learn to swim?

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flyback: learn to swim
its raining

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for dinosaurs to poop on

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i dunno, in a spaceship wearing power armor
those are cool
im fine with segment displays
nixi font is dinosaur shit

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he might of gotten some of the adderol he sniffed into his eyes
wtf @ steampunk with 80s arcade button
he didnt even paint it brass
175V omg
i think the VFD 7segs i have somewhere are 40V
oh now crime anecdotes

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is that a nixie?
thats okay
dat 7seglyfe
im watching president be an ass
billions of leds with 4 gpio
holy shit they drugged him up bigly
1 in 3 women? 1 in 3? i thought it was 2 in 3
maybe not now im rewound a bit started 10min ago
broadcast live from the white house?
hahahaha hes squinting at the teleprompter

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wtf im not 60
anyway, pretty sure they were all LED or VFD, were all 80s cabinets
that needs to be in a tube?
looks like you could make that shit with some nichrome in free air
20mA incadenscent on the hackaday one
thats okay
but its orange, meh
purple is neat
orange is for dinosaurs

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probably in the field
its not a bad number
tubes arent known for being reliable
i dont like the dashes :\
i like the single digit preamp envelope ones a lot
turn it green?
someone should do nixies with 7seg font
maybe i can be okay with it then
not that i recall, no

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his assembly would be way less stress on the tube than a preamp envelope, or anything without a base
so much sexier
youre wrong
i decided
fuck orange
thats not that bad
its definitely not great, but its kind of acceptable for consumer products

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jero32: how would you hold it on?
907 iron, w00t
i dont like nixies
nixie fonts are ugly
VFD 7seg ftw
do you see how much time they take jero?
theyre kind of ugly
and red
VFD is sex, tho
only problem seems like the pcb popping off
and his tubes seem to snap in with pretty low force

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epoxy deals with stress okay, its pretty tough, why its used for everything
thats how like all of society is held together

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oh hes got a sucker, nice
jero32: yeah fuck all that
def not fast =\
nice, he got that tinning chem

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she looks like 16 to 22
if youre within 3 yars, LA wont touch prosecution
so like, 18 and 15 isnt a huge problem
or 20 and 17
ask for ID, done

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waste of machine time, those type of pencils are useless

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two in the mom jeans, nice

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im not doing it, youre the snomper

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snomp that chad

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multiple HF drivers is really confusing
is he sitting
audiophile has broken legs or something
tho, chad definitely has broken legs

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