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ya good toss

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she gonna have the rabies
she throws away the tiki torch at the end i am like, what does she grab next

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i dont think it works like that net|

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thats kind of the point
the new batteries can finish a single race now, but prob not on high speed tracks

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doesnt seem great at chicanes

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and some women might want to be you instead of with out
anyway, robo-race backed off on dev
theyre going to run a series with version of their test mules
which is basically a self driving endurance prototype
like, a driver can get in and drive them
afaik, its to be a spec series, basically about programming
jero32: https://youtu.be/2Mz10aHmyxE
FE street tracks so lame
i want to see these things at Spa and Monza

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they basically needed special permission to race, and run their own race alone at the back
honda just had the worst performance for an engine supplier since the joke shit in the 90s
turned mclaren into a last place team
they wanted to keep it in house, honda engineers
they failed, hard
they pivoted to new design, failed hard
basically no one is going to do F1 faster than the engineers already in F1
other industries go to them to learn how to do things fast with minimal testing
like, testing in F1 is effectively banned
kind of, yeah
top tier motorsport driving is basically test pilot work
some driver has a quote, basically the drivers are sexy because theyre on the edge of death
youre a bit old
but yeah, basically
and less now than before
because driving is safer

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all the ~2010 new teams are dead because money
rab: ya, plus faster cheap processors/fpga
jero32: i doubt it would be as fast
like, F1 is pretty much the pinnacle of fast prototyping
like, WEC endurance porsche was modified for outright speed, fuck the regs
set some crazy fast times at F1 tracks
by the next year, the regulated F1 cars were faster
if you let F1 engineers do whatever they want, the cars would be faster than drivers could race
they would g-loc and die
F1 has been regulated to slow the cars since before senna death
they banned ground effects because the massive grip would fall apart and they lost vacuum skirt contact with the track
so cars would fly off the track and die
thats what robo-race is
formula-e sideshow
wouldnt turn
manor/marussia couldnt even qualify within the 107% rule at the end

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ground effects are banned
17:45:19 <+jero32> it basically used to be an engineering competition
it is, and always will be
finding loopholes in the formula is still the game
better competition
reduce costs
high costs basically push private teams out of the sport
right now you have red bull, mercedes and ferrari fighting for wins
williams is pretty much last, theyre the oldest privateer team, can barely survive
mclaren has like a $200M+ budget, and they cant do shit since mercedes has its own team and doesnt supply them engines

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F1 isnt a free for all like that anymore
ABS, disc brakes, seat belts, a ton of crash physics research, fire supression, arguably a lot of fast R&D techniques
a lot of F1 is basically pulling aerospace techniques into automotive
takes control from the driver
arguably, a good drive will push the brakes further than the ABS threshold, and be able to back off fast enough in a lockup
it backs off the bracks to regain static friction conditions
anyway, F1 regulations are more restrictive than say the 70s
so something like active suspension is banned before it can be developped
sprung-damped-mass modulation of suspension is banned
active aurodynamics is banned

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boring mostly
tens of millions of $$$$$ blown and dozens of engineers focused on a pair of madmen
i mean

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thank god i knew not to slam into shit with my head
like, i would walk out onto the field crying in pain, and the coach through i was a badass for it, and i loved it
because i got to knock some motherfucker over, and help his confused ass up, over and over and over
i dont think its good for kids
i guess, its always been team gymnastics
since the 80s
prob since before, theres usually overlap if theres a gymnastics teams
most professional sports just games for adults

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like, for every ripped little girl you see destroying international competition, theres probably dozens or hundreds of defeated little girls who will never want to gymnastics again
yup, and its pretty fuckin lame in most cases
parents turning their kids into messes to live some dream, have something to hold over the joneses
almost none of those sports start kids out in kindergarten
pop warner football is another good example
kids getting concussions, fucking up bones
original purpose?
chearleading is gymnastics
my sister did that too, it wasnt as bad because she was older and its waaaaaaaay less intensive than olympic track gymnastics
the most fun i had was playing line in pop warner football
did it teach me crazy balance on my feet while getting hit? to get right the fuck up before you finished falling? hell yeah, instincts i have to this day
i destroyed my ankles, i had bruised forearms constantly because too hardware to wear arm pads, pretty sure i had broken ribs

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dont make them do competitive swimming
i was doing competitive swimming at a few years old, not really into swimming since
for anything, but thats how high performance athletes are usually booted up
gymnastics is the same
i learned gymnastics, i have great balance my entire life, had fun
my sister did it competitively, and was in tears more often than not
basically if youre good, you get pushed until you break, and the ones that dont break are the ones they keep
why? because normal
kids in competitive gymnastics constantly crying
shit hurts, and your reward for performing well is competing against even better competititors

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black ppl cant swim?
rab: you has to take rabkid to swim lessons before 2 years
i was programmed by 2
wasnt aware i wasnt allowed to swimming pool by myself until maybe 6
didnt matter tho, because programmed at 2

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into random opioid jazz and fast breaks
holy shit he bowies on last track, i thought it was duet with leftover bowie, internets says no

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there was 2018 NIN?
oh nice, fuzzy punk vibes

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i guess BC is kind of same as LA because thats where everyone would lie about where the weed comes from
cmon bots
wow mean

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(stuff stuff)
learn to
in the undertow
let the rabbits wear glasses
i guess is pacific rim of fire, so okay to take it personal

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haha Napster

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Northrup Grumman
wtf, Toyota

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