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clickspring guy is all that shit

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scary af
usually like 2x
prob been measured 1M times

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wtf is knockoff guteer oil
no bays
wall mounts for ssd

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so like, normal oem pc?
2018, still making gorgeous, plain, black aluminum box
well they are just big now
and it was only crazy awesome if you were in LA and cheapest shipping was always overnight
wtf walmart
dont give them money
except for mobil 1 full synthetic oil
their prices for the 5qt jug are unreal low
hey crazy thats a top mount psu case

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naw, just confusing
dat curve

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i think you could do it with traces around a via
ids just suck
the loop could have vias
straight trace in, via down, straight trace out
then the loop goes over, under
it would be bad
but i think it would work
yeah 3 layer is kind of easy
anyway, you can get hall sensors that go over traces
and transformers with wire loops
gentleman, a short view back to the past.
30 years ago, niki lauda told us...
im not sure you need any turns

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it is embarassing, just in an awesome way
you really cant make me <3 you anymore than by pretending to be ally sheedy
eh wrong reference
jero32: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydMjXA2V-to&t=30
<3 <3 <3
flyback: no is from the movie

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just wouldnt be very sensitive
oh you are not #cars

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kevtris: the quantities input box moved to a place that makes more sense
so its not all bad
mostly, ya
i was confused at first

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digikey changed their part page?
i dont like change

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