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heh @ picking envelope windows out of the slurry

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pasta claw spoon def a winner for document shredding

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holy fuck @ hot water plus red wine vinegar
rab: do lawyers know about this?!

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50% through junk papers

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im just finished an engineering degree an im terrified of math
anyway, when women perform at lower levels than completely badass, theyre used as an example as why women suck at whatever
meanwhile, sucky men are almost situation normal
thats not conditioning, or nature
thats men being asses, and its normal
'getting girls early' doesnt change that at all

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why not try at all the ages
rab: how long do you think it will take the paper to dissolve?
anyway, programming was a womens job until it started making money
it keeps getting bigger, because my shredder overheats and i dont shred again the same day
blend with what?
maybe a pasta spoon and drill

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i think you need spikes
probably me too
and then i have to decide if i should try and get jobs with or without piercings
kind of annoyed i took my segment rings out for a job that didnt happen
ya job will be nice because then i can afford more holes in my head and also tattoos
welcome to engineering
want to do something about it? the alt-right will not be pleased

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junglist girls: how do you get you ends like that? i could never get my dreads to do that
(mad backcombing in the early sideshow bob stage)
'you know, girls dont like it when...'
like, what you would slap me for the next girl absolutely needs
luckily ive never had to deal with one that needs to be like, smacked around or choked or whatever
seems stressful
says i must log in to continue
shrug, i dunno

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because its like, 80s trust fundie look, taking to extremes by vanilla ice and NKOTB
also i have curly hair, you dunno shit about difficult hair
i kind of miss when i had long hair and shaved on the sides and kind of looked like beaker from the muppers
hell ya
oddly girls were into my dreadlocks
im assuming because i washed them pretty much daily, they smelled like tea tree

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the ones that told you to hair gel, did you bump their fuzzies?
if no, maybe it doesnt work
okay well then keep hair gelling i guess
sculptor: makes sense
the black lines are the LED serial data lines?
with the returns going to a watchdog?
yeah looks neat
dx comes here like once a year to ask if im an engineer yet

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if my soundcard worked with *bsd like 14 years ago, i prob would have used gentoo for like 4 years
*wouldnt have
sounds good
i think you need less hair gel and more piercings

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collar not ironed
what mic is that
looks funny
ha, nice
samson fits that bill
most girls like it when you actually give a fuck about stuff like shaving and having a non-exploded room
i have never had issues with intel onboard stuff

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maybe hes fun to be around
maybe he chats well
or has a nice profile
maybe he doesnt so its low stress
look interesting or attractive
it is, according to studies
dating less attractive people is lower stress, you dont have to work as hard to be as impressive
a lot of girls dont care that much
lots of ugly guys hooking up
maybe because you dont iron your shirts

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rab: help jrmu
jero32: honestly, when you have enough money to actually like, do stuff, meeting people is a lot easier
also you are in your 20s
you should be smashing IRC girls and wondering if youre going to die the next morning
theres more in stoner chans
that one girl was from a file sharing chan, but she was trouble
there was a pic of me with dreads and her in front of some cathedral in montreal
thats like the only pic i lost i actually miss
thats kind of how it works
one day, lonely geek, meet goofy girl, next day, PIMPIN
right so success is basically random

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jero32: avoiding dating def seemed like correct decision
prof joke: "Aaaah, yeah i remember that semester I fell in love and failed all my classes."
because yeah, if it worked out, id prob just want to be around the girl all the time, and i was having trouble staying interested in class as is
and yeah, if it didnt work out perfect, fuck all that end-of-the-world stress
plus title ix craziness
shrug, girls who happen to me when i dont give a fuck because too busy with other shit

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next plan, the two things lined up didnt work out, but seems i may have dodged a couple bullets, shrug
just need to get home, interviewing for jobs hundreds of miles away without a car, while dealing with school finance trash, was double plus fucked
did i paste you response from last job after 3rd interviews? thought i had
they loved me, totally fit, blah blah, timing, blah blah, were so bummed
but then their job listing changed to something that reflected a lab management position
like, from engineering focus, to operations and purchasing focus

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i need a burn pit
blackmoon: how do i melt like 100lbs of paper
obdii reader like that would be cool
'Code Analysis: Buy New Car'
bathroom clean, parts mostly binned, need to do dishes and get rid of all this paper trash
rab: shrug, 1000% of stress has been finance related for like two years, that shit aint over yet
like, finals ended, didnt really feel better
got grades this morning, A-, B+, B-, dont feel much diff

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because its 2018 and jfet opamps are 100 years old
theyre used in audio stuff as VCR for stuff like compressors
and highest input impedance opamps, so the more ideal ones, are jfet input
its volts only so as long as you dont kill yourself, youre good
i think two devices, without a cable, in actual chopstick format is the future
do i know how it will work? fuck no
thats why its the future
man i have so much shit to shred

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i think my breakers are lies
prob because he already burnt the $10 fuse in his nice meter
since this seems to be something this electrician does
do you know how much 20A precision fuse costs?!
no one knows because there meters dont have them
and the little current fuse is just too damn high
most cheap meters arent going to kill you
theyre not normal fuses
i had a fluke without current input
was like, my 2nd fluke, i dual wielded
9v batt ate the pcb
im pretty sure all my schools dmm have been plugged into outlets in current mode
all the fuses gone
watching them trying to find one that measures current was hilarious

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because 7/8" poles prob works same as 1" poles
and who will notice
is it just an auto ranging volt meter?
under $40 and actually functional seems okay
i just assume thats how they are 90% of the time
is it tested as not?
anyway, marketing is almost always bullshit by people who dont really understand
aside from that, if shit works, seems alright
most engineers cant spell
so i dunno how far that argument is going to get you
for 20ms
i run my kettle and my toaster and my microwave from same outlets

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rab: im worried a bump will hop the shelves up and the compression shims will fall out
like, worst case, total fail mode
more wobbly im not too worried about, normally theyre not wobbly at all
nope, target and amazon, pretty sure
i bet the shims are standard enough

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access to more jobs
if i was 22 it would maybe make sense
but whatever i am financial bled out, need to go back to real world
how old are you?
im 38
i just have a GED
dunno, fine with that unless it was a group effort with fuckheads

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1st world anarchism
im done forever \o/
unless i want a masters degree
maybe in 20 years

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our babeh form without gills

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what is it?
sure, but what is it
However, an unsaturated cell's output decreases by some 80 microvolts per year, which is compensated by periodic calibration against a saturated cell.

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rab: wire shelving in a moving truck, assembled
ive never tried it before
i feel like its almost a question of acceptable casaulties
i guess major upside is the poles not trying to trip people unloading

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rab: no u

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