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lower is easier to drive

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literally all jungle/dnb
it seems to get that i want more choppy amen breaks, good AI

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blackmoon: look how the pots are wired
signal into wiper, out the end

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mine sounds dead as fuck
or did
because flatwounds and oversized tone cap
iunno, some nanofarad shit
or, i think 100k, who knows its guitar shit, random mess
50nF cap
i had a 100nF or something, maybe bigger

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my jbass has no pickups :(
or bridge :(
i had j-bass w/ custom shop samarium cobalt pickups, babicz full contact bridge
flat wound strings, sustained forever
most arent
look sexier, skinner neck, bit more 2nd harmonic
jack plate on a p-bass looks to schlongy

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you only need two
tho 2 plus isometric would be nice
fully dim'd drawing, you would need two views
20 seconds

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finnish people have hydraulic press people and kimi raikonnen
i dont know what that is
i dont even know whats going on now

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anyway, PCB flow is usually 1) select parts 2) draw schematic 3) do part layout without routing 4) repeat 1 through 3 5) route power and high priority and high speed signals 6) route everything else 7) check and optimize 8) do design rule check for your PCB fabricators specs 9) export gerbers, drill file, zip up 10) get quotes, order, wait
(c) rencorp for all times
probably not
i assumed
jero32: i dunno what his name means but it suggests violence, shrug
are dutch people as cool as finnish people?
just good beer, eh?

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how far beyond that you go depends on what youre making this for
if youre making one, fuckit youre done
if youre making, like, 2 to 1 million, maybe new pcb
naw thats not a hard fix
easier than when all the parts are right but the circuit is fucked
exactly, now you understand
products get shipped like this
yes really
yes or they just slice traces, add components and wires
old hard drives would ship with blue wires sometimes
thats prob why they started putting heat shields on the bottom :o

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concept boms and schematics of sections
yeah basically
not always
sometimes you basically have a set of PCB dimensions and mount points, and maybe you start with specific types of connectors and their locations
and some sort of definition of whats supposed to happen at those connectors
so not bad to start there to see how much space you have to work with
if you fuckup on a pcb you can usually rework it
slice some traces, get something going, redesign
yeah thats too much now
anyway, prototyping with solder is best, how you hold the parts is up to you
solderless breadboards become the problem instead of your actual project
you just solder the shit on

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so you use something jfet input, like TL072, or OPA2134, or LF412
class-A sucks
he needs two pots
hes got two hands
anyway, its a CMoy w/ a korg tube frontend
kind of cool
mic preamps, hifi-amp preamps

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thats basically the edge of opamp capabilities
its slightly better than that, which is almost 40 years old
and not expensive
per spec
opa2134 is same shit, its old hat audio shit
theyll drive lower loads, but the specs dont mean much anymore
5532 is crazy low noise
theyre BJT frontend, so the tradeoff is input bias current
so if you use them for like, filters or something, with high resistance values, you can get errors

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i guess this is the actual amp
damn, 8nV/sqrtHz, .0004% THD
like why?
its 100mA output limited, but its a badass JRC amp

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i guess i should do klann linkage now
motor doesnt really fit low very well

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i think it would be hillarious to have a really fast one with POV setup
like basically two of those tank driven
would make those long 'knee' pins go all the way across, thicker, shared across both assemblies
ya im glad i never made that guy even a slight habit
not clicking

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rab: i looked up strandbeest stuff bc #linuxcnc convo yesterday, and ended up making 3d sketch of little DC motor jansen linkage because neat
shit works
no thats like, haggas or some shit
jero32: strand for beach made sense to me, shrug
would be neat to wire one up with a ton of strain gauges
then do like, race strandbeest

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