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its def a video game
ya weird
it says F1 game in the video title graphic
the brake glow looks wrong
too static, or something

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the renault like, suplexed the ferrari
prob not beneath them to try

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other stuff like that is 4mm pitch, like for 18 and 22 awg

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about an inch wide for each cable
by half a mm if they stack 3 wide
*3mm wide
so like 1.25" by 0.75", maybe 3/8" thick
theres prob wire to board icd that might work

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doesnt look like it
whats keeps the gel from falling out!

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plus boards, under $10/ea, maybe way under
yeah i dunno how much work and debug he wants to do
maybe some unclad perfboard to make it neat
do you heatshrink those?

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that prob the cleanest way to do it, some punchdown ratsnest
would need lots of those but maybe can fit into odd spaces better
yeah but its smaller than a punchdown block
smallest is prob going to be a little pcb to solder to, potted in something
but i think a little pcb with some ganged rj45 jacks is prob going to be easiest

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little PCBs? is this for actual networking stuff?
little PCBs
is that diagram a single cable's wires or many cables?
is that diagram for each cable, tho?
you cant just do three RJ45 connectors on a little PCB?
isnt that usually bigger?

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Hutterite children therefore have no close contact with farm animals anymore and are not protected from asthma through close contact with farm animals, like Amish children are,
amish have breathing super powers?

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sounds like xtian beuracracy fallout
During World War I, the pacifist Hutterites suffered persecution in the United States. In the most severe case, four Hutterite men subjected to military draft who refused to comply were imprisoned and physically abused. Ultimately, two of the four men, the brothers Joseph and Michael Hofer, died at Leavenworth Military Prison from mistreatment, after the Armistice had been signed ending the war.

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