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why, python is easy
ignore relevant xkcd
ya i was doing this shit in my past life
i have documentation, signed by buddist monks

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square wave from summing is going to have like, reverse decay, ring, overshoot, that doesnt happen with normal ring from transmission line effects
i dunno
school done so maybe have time for games again, \o/
why dont you just look on humble bundle like everyone else
also they have python books
have you looked at job listings?
they want like 40 years exp in python

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4x is either 12dB or 6dB, depending if volts or power
anyway, dont do this convo
wtf who cares
mfkr youre making the point
you should care
well then stop making the point
anyway, my point was if you see attenuation after the peaks after the zero crossing, theres decay, so theres arguably ring
theres overshoot, at least, if the ringing was magically at same freq as natural wave shape, itd be hard to tell
thats basically what that is
or you could make some non symmetrical argument

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im all jacked up on chamomile tea
this has no units
this wave does not exist in any physical realm
so you could count anything in dB if there are two things
but this would be dB-nothing
anyway, if the last peaks after a zero crossing are attenuated versus the first peaks after the zero crossing, id call that ring
because its an overshoot and decay component
dB-SPL, dBV, dBu
dBr is actually a trick
dBr means dB-relative, it just means dB-whatever
its dB with a reference
the dB-SPL reference is usually 94dB = 1 Pa
its like, 1mW into 600R
or something
dude dont start this convo
that would be dB-Pa
most people would just assume that

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cheater: i think the problem is any polished metal hard enough to cut is probably going to reflect, and we mostly dont live in black homes
square wave ringing
i dunno the convo, didnt he post that shit days ago?
thats a mathy square wave
but right, no decay, not overshoot and ring
doesnt look like 4
looks like just the next harmonic
the first reversed peak doesnt even flip again
this is like, most basic mathy square wave
you are probably right

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add carbon?
theyre just not big enough
bongs dont work that small because surface tension
i guess in that context, ring is what decays?

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