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that looks kinda cool

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lot of surface area i guess
kind of want an RTA
tho i got a juul, and the pods refill fine
ive been doing straight VG in the juul and its not perfect but works better than i thought it would
a lot slicker than the 510 trash
its because they originally modified high current LED flashlights
like, vapers learned ohms law, but they dont know anything about battery ESR
current were a lot lower than calculated, i suspect

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thats the only time i buy cigs
im down to like 3 packs a year
i vape unflavored 100 VG, 6mg/ml last couple years
i should have gotten 18 mg/ml
i was buying 24 and cutting it with 0, im fine with 6 except when shit is nuts
ive tapered to zero, and stopped, but bad days im still pretty weak
smokers smoke when theyre down
doesnt matter so much
i constant wattage or constant temp
even when im sub ohm, i dont go above like 15W on big coils
yeah i RDA so the wattage is spread out on a big coil

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nice bagel spinner
wtf man why you using dishes as ashtrays
get a red bull can or something
no one sells tho
headshop markup is ridic
i dont really think thats a thing
that was the 80s here
in restaurants

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14:01:22 <@BlackMoon> renesis: 555? :P
besides being philosophically opposed to them, we dont have time to buy parts and i know i have BJT and inverters around
we had a din rail one shot timer relay in the BOM months ago, but of course we didnt order that because obviously a raspi can do it
anyway, he didnt even have a discussion about it
as soon as we said, yo we want you to pull everything and wire the psu to a switch into the contactor, hes like okay

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jezus fuck
proj manager got a raspi and relay board to drive contactor from float switches
and drive seom solenoid valves but we cant even use that shit for the demo day
anyway, spent all the money on it, didnt do any cad models, didnt do any schematics, didnt remember the UI
anyway, he cant get GPIO working, and theres like unfused mains wiring in a cut up to shit steel junction box, with tons of loose parts bouncing around
I WILL GET IT WORKING THIS AFTERNOON, bitch we needed you help with the poster and the presentation slides and to practice presenting
this guy fucking locked up in front of the class and was literally pouting after last semester final presentation
ima swap all his shit with a one shot
i bet i can make that shit with a couple BJT?
i usually use 1/3 a hex inverter

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