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just hz
100 hz is a good place to start

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_unreal_: you should at least half step
half step is pretty much normal
beyond that, just microstep as much as your signal generator pc can handle and how much it improves smoothness
i go by sound
i believe im set to 1/4 step

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aaaaaw jeeeah, dma was set to half word instead of word
adc is adc'ing with much averaging

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say its the only one
no other options
leds dont care, you prob wouldnt even notice until towards 10%
was that the spinny thing?
guys my grabby autostripper works this week
also my tek vector dso works this week
for some reason stm32 adc dont want to work

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thats cute
their bigger din rail supplies come with a curvy face and a nice full panel sticker
did you mean like, ripple? i thought you meant actual noise like a fan
oh now rab is made out of moneys

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WW, dennis leary, and that mfkr sandler and his goat were an era

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the machine told me he was cool, shrug
actually, the machine told us kurt thought he was cool, and that guy has pretty good taste in lo-fi rock

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without exploitation, would wesley be loved by millions and forever associated with kobain and legends such as bobcat goldthwait?
shit i bet there is video of that shit now...
the genesis story is like, bobcat gave kobain a tape, who brought it to kroq
youtube doesnt have kroq almost acoustic xmas vids from the 90s :(

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like how i cant afford steak even tho i know it should prob cost way more
shrug, musicians came up more than typical artists
hey do a thing in a room really well one time, and we set you up for life
was his life better for the exploitation?
if yes, was it actually exploitation?
i mean, my guess was keeping wesley on any kind of schedule was mad work
if he wasnt a homeless guy, people would just call it management
meanwhile, managers be exploiting musicians' financial ignorance as a business model for almost 100 years now

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so performance artists actually have to perform music to make money?
oh no
the irony of indie groups having issues monetizing megacorpy platforms
they distro on spotify
it took me 5 seconds to find the wesley willis catalog
i used to have to drive all over the valley
and then i had to pay like $15 for wesley willis
which is like, insanity
world is better
ya but not my bus stop
and maybe thats the problem
maybe wesley at the bus stop shouldnt be for free

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