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yeah but divider will probably be two batches and they will prob be dissipating diff power

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yeah but if the resistors are close to each other that error is going to cancel out a lot

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yeah but you calculate all the things, you dont ask on irc
also i think i bought some because a natsemi servo amp circuit said to, but i tried 1% too and shit pretty much worked same, shrug
maybe they were 0.5%
i think they were 0.1% because other hacker laughed at me

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and really it dont matter because who tests beta of every transistor? fucking no one
sucks that fire cancelled school right when we got to useful BJT circuits

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as accurate as the resistor
do you mean load?
its just in parallel with the low side
if load fixed resistance, its still as accurate as your resistors, assuming you calc in the load
but the load is usually bunch of orders of magnitude more, so fuckit
whose buying 0.1% resistors? no one
its cool how EE shit in college is still like, yeah just start with Vbe of 700mV and iterate in circles a bit and until the numbers stop changing

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fuck the dinosaur dell's battery light is all ORG-ORG-ORG-GREEEEEEEEEEEEN
its like using it all the time was the only thing keeping it alive
sitting for 3 months killed it

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probably for the shitty images

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22:45:52 < Macgyver0> Why would any educated individual buy a "Smart TV"? 2yrs later no updates and broken aps
because literally all the fuckin TV are smart TV?
i plugged an hdmi in and named an input PC and have touched the remote maybe half a dozen times in two years
i dont think its seen the internet since it left the factory
also my mom has a smart tv, she thinks its great and cant computer for shit

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its like, strain guage bridge
on a parallelogram setup
that just need an instrumentation amp
and then we have these $40 honeywell differential pressure sensors, sponsor company uses both in products
shrug, i know EEs in audio industry like that

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heh, japanese peristaltic pump, they put little caps from motor terminals to case
i think theyre mostly importers
shrug, cheap, little, working
its just some 3.5A thing
little 1.5" square board
yeah no this a little guy, 24W pump
the closed loop is from pressure sensors and a load cell
i prob dont need the speed control

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was worried about the little pump motor box, its 24W pump, i got 36W of fuse on mains
also i reverses the pump like knight rider without turn it off first, and it didnt blow the hbridge
so thats neat
also amusement parks make 1000s an hour?!
its from anaheim automation its prob china shit

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heheh @ suicide diodes
on this is used a TVS and schottky in parallel
so far no blown fuses!

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so it was like, camera in a box with little actuators?
oh, neat
so you basically would rs485 to tell it to do one of the buttons?
oh, shrug

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i should go back to school
coding at home is better but the thing is at school

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ya but i just try harder to remember the button
looks like someone with my tv stumbled into some built in opera browser but doesnt know how
kind of whatever, pretty sure its a smart tv, has netflix and amazon buttons ive never touched
i hit the amazon button and nothing happened
new tv gonna show up at my door tomorrow

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you know what sucks about tv as monitor?
after power outage, you turn computer on, and 2nd monitor comes on, and then you get sad because either gpu ot tv died
but it turns out you have to turn these things on with a button
cool my tv has a quick start manual as another input source called VIA. not hidden ive just never cared enough to look at the bottom of the menu

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when i was at one for a few weeks when I was around 13, i was forced to go to some bible study bullshit, so not so bad
thats how sonos works
telnet into a pretty vanilla lunix system
oh, also sunday church services, which sucked except for the band

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As SamyGO is maintained by happy members of the open community,
sounds like a small dev team
cheater: the possible upside is theyve shut down most of the group homes, and definitely the large warehouses, in the last 20 years
now way more end up in foster homes, which have different issues

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the fucked up shit is theres like years where im not sure what is dreams and what is memories
and ive since confirmed shit i *knew* was dreams actually happened
like, my bros friend larry did come visit me in that dark purple room with no furniture, like like 5 years i *knew* that was something i hallucinated
so who knows if i remember shit didnt happen
oh, but i was at juvenile hall for two weeks, solitary confinement, but i actually thought it was two days because couldnt sleep and no natural light
wonder way to do a 17th birthday

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but if they tried to take me down over some bullshit, id make mad problems for days or weeks
also i could take their rules manual and point out policy contradictions and generally be an annoyance
like, i got a shit haircut once at maranellos beuaty school, and then basically went nuts when i found the rule that said we were entitled to PROFESSIONAL haircuts
im like, bitch you guys made me look like tom hanks and thats against your rules
or just running them in circles by pointing out that their place for us to smoke rules meant it was a smoking area, in a non smoking childrens facility
they would just say over and over, this isnt a smoking facility there is no smoking area
'but we should moke there
'yes' 'so its a msoking area' 'no, this is a country childrens non...'
like, i got tackled by teams of adults and slammed into tiles floors, got pantsed and had needle of who knows what jabbed into my butt cheeks, got sent to juvenile hall once and had my meds upped to infiniti
but that shit kind of whatever, almost fun sometimes

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cheater: basically everyone gets some diagnosis, if even just Severely Emotionally Disabled (basically PTSD), so you can get ss disability right out of the system
virtually all kids in the late 90s were dugged out of their minds
so actually being functional meant kicking some crazy drugs
thats good
junkie shakes are not fun
also i was basically told 'tough luck, this is the way you are' when i complained i could go to school and learn anythong on drugs
i couldnt even see, some messed with vision
eh they get drugged because it makes everyone involved money
and yes, all the drugs can produce mental issues
any trauma can, and group homes were pretty high stress
basically they would just bump kids over to psych hospitals for 2 weeks, then bring them back
wait two months, then magically they misbehaved enough to send them another two weeks
it was basause thats the amount of time the insurance plans allocated
kinda, i got away with a lot because i was a chill stoner, and could hold a convo with the adults
they knew if i was stoned i wasnt going to be a problem

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oh its jan not han
i dunno ay 999 Mohm thats kind of magic
batteries, cheater
cheater: the ones who actually survive tend to be survivors
the issue is a lot dont survive
you can always tell group home kids, because giant van, one adult, and a bunch of totally mismatched kids

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then is cheo
then the next one is...
los angeles department of children and family services group homes and placement facilities
infants to young adults
secretive due to child confidentiality in courts
basically every place i was houses was shut down for child abuse and insurance fraud issues
ha, no my parents were not optimal so eventually me and sister were taken from home
my dad actually try to leverage it against us for awhile, but then they realized he was fucking nuts so they just warded us to the court
so technically, for a lot of things, state is my mom and dad
a little bad is usually just bad + desperation

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korean is really easy to learn
i learned how to read my hotel heater controls in about 10 minutes
k gimme 10 minutes'
wait my font is too small
why? theyre friendly
thats china
they just care about starcraft scores in sk
first chunk of character is h
then is yeo, then n
subdivision of an administrative organization

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buy an old tv and attach a motor to the contrast knob
rab: mfkr you dont want them to room 101 your ass with contrast settings info
can you even imagine the horror?
maybe you should just set the brightness to the middle
judging by your current situation i dont think i need to be too worried
inability to set things
you are not a setter

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definitely not
and im not saying he didnt work hard
but kevtris is pretty much a fucking genius, so he had to work less hard than someone who isnt a fuckin genius would have
and he definitely had it easier than a lot of people i know
it depends how you define it, but no i dont agree with that, a lot of it is just genetics, luck
of course not, but itll make picking it up and connecting those concepts to broader ones simpler
i dunno man, kevtris seems like a social butterfly compared to me
hes even got like other people in his youtubes
in any case, if kevtris was poor and that was holding him back in any way, im fine with cutting the mil budget like .0001% so kevtris could have more opportunity

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system kid, so my typical situation should be dead, a criminal, or institutionalized
and as bad as that was, i still know a lot of kids who grew up in fucked up areas had it worse
in a lot of cases, being in the childrens group home system was a step up in standard of living
but kevtris feels like he worked hard, and he had no help, so fuck everyone else theyre not his problem dont deserve his help
well he made the comical defence 'no i dont mean you'
not any more upset at him than i am in general
who knows, prob couple years ago
but thats up there with 'when we wanted them to deport the mexicans, we didnt mean our immigrant friend in our neighborhood'
kevtris is successful so hes doing several things right, shrug
but to assume that at the start of all this i was in any way a functionl controbuting member of society is comical

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no idea, maybe find some test hooks in some interface

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also probably my mom should be deported, because 30 years getting beat up by special ed kids at public schools for way less than a teacher makes is still stealing some real americans job
without popping up a remote menu?

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racist or not, him and kev would rather have me desperate, starving and then dying in the streets instead of working
so respectfully, they can get fucked
enjoy the white genocide

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helps to understand them
like, the classical spring/mass/damper polynomial math versus laplace transforms is cool to learn
i did pretty bad in diff eqs, heheh
i did really well in the classes that use it

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spend money on electronics

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rab: this doesnt help with the goal
honestly you just need to have your shit grounded well locally
can use the line voltage as ground if you want to be a badass like that
so you likely already are
or maybe you just reference outer space
i have to code all the things
guys i plugged discof0308 into my project 3v3 and also my usb, and shit didnt even burn up
you need 2 dedicated circuits for room
gear circuit, DUT circuit
jero32: do you have a crazy sister?
stay forever

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like it prob wont do much to mid frequencies, but thats where voice and directional info lives, so not a bad thing
rab: its cork underneath, or you have a surface on it, or its just cork?
cork walls is some 70s shit
every school upgraded in the 70s has cork tiles everywhere
they okay in earthquakes
what like earth ground?
isnt there laws about that where you live?
tell him you dont want to die
tell him i said without a good earth, youll prob die
grounding can also kill you
but dont tell him that
just tell him i says without ground, your death is assured

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what grey?
like off white grey or dark grey?
what is liquid wallpaper?
what is it?
whats the binder?
yeah looks pretty cool
it looks like itd diffuse stuff above few khz, would sound nice

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prob because deuce, because #2.
Hence a dookie in Scots is, jocularly, someone who ducks or dunks people in water when baptising them.
are you going to do absolutely nothing!?
(US, slang, African American Vernacular) (derivation from earlier and more common use of noun) describing gold jewelry which is thick in circumference (often to excessiveness), reminiscent of the thickness of feces

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duke fixes all the APs in LA
because dookie

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curators, heh
i hope so

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shrug, xkcd is ok, most of the shit people post is dinosaur xkcd so its like same shit 100 times
one time i did it with a lesbian from miami, and after we took hiv tests and celebrated about not going to die
how do you know someone didnt do those things to you in your sleep
heh @ waking up in a public pool
thats just what you think snompus

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13:55:26 <@Rab> lol @ tumblr banning all porn
but thats like all of their content
its beyond lol its kind of mind blowing
are they just going through all the accts and deleting shit
its their bot its they

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