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so probably they round the tips and have lower performance, and then some crazy active cooled solution for spikier tips

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looks like it
sounds easy to cool
gap is about 1/1000 of a mil

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jero32: wtf terahz

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and then it all has to start over again
i miss sand
i like oceans
yeah, its still cool tho
its not like it will kill you

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no i dont think so
a lot of people would have to do some research to have educated conversations about a lot of places
and you go back more than 20 years in history and its just this fucked up spider web
its not really
anyway, jews in insreal grew up feeling backed in a corner, going nuts, its their culture
palestinians are backed into a coner, going nuts
and its really hot there, i dont think people appreciate this enough
its really hot, people angry, everyone afraid, shits going to happen

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no that place is gone
i think he is really upset because putin mbs ^5
he doesnt need to have dementia, really, hes just a guy in over his head who is stressed the fuck out because consequences
politicians play long cons, trump is a short con, he bullshits and eventually it falls apart, but people bail him out
well hes kind of a normal person he doesnt know a lot about politics or wtf is going when hes at these places

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cool, it has actual hardware serial port w/o dongle
hes not very good at this space invaders
no i have to go to school project things
i want to be another place
i dont even know wtf that means
like, back to before, or no tariffs, or what does he even mean

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jero32: maybe its a table for things, not sitting
like a low shelf with legs
theyre a thing for people with furniture
some people even have people length couches

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ya i dont need that up there
just leave it

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