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high precision is the basis of all modern technology
thats not really true, and arguably in the 80s with the introduction of digital machinery, precision was lost compared to master machinists
sure but that goes back continuously to the beginnign of electronics
now 0201 1% is common

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also old tool makers supposedly did almost everything with files
mine landfills
rab: so if you could find metal and bang it flat with rocks, youre in a place to make almost anything else with enough time
hardest part would prob be making initial rotational machinery with wood
thats kind of the last step
yeah but once you can turn things youre pretty much there

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makes me want a tormach
naw they old
haha @ filing out the corners of square hole
ancients got some DFM issues
you have to start with hand tools and find some sort of ore

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rab: also opamp circuits
i dont really agree when reactives are involved, but its used a lot for circuits that dont have diodes/bjt
rab: RF amps are pretty simple linear designs in a lot of cases
because a lot of reactive stuff makes rf jezus cry
filters are cheap in RF
thats the watch machinist, no?
clocks, watch, shrug. little ticky things

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nom dark brawn gp livery
jero32: why do you think they call it pencil lead
dude take some leads and drag it against something
]oh wiki says you are right, shrug

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kind of wonder what the latency on all the controls are, and how theyre doing data to and from the garage
like, 15 years ago they used to have two way data comms to the cars, and they could fix a car from the garage
like, a car would be smoking, blowing up, and they would detune it or something and fix it and they would finish the race, people were like wtf
i think its still banned
thats a thing
they had a crazy fucking sexy concept car
and a prototype that was a normal LMP1 with self driving stuff, but a person could get in
first tests were a person riding along with hands off
they ditched the concept, theyre going to run a field like the test mules
so basically le mans prototypes without drivers

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theyre road and street circuits
they can hit indy car speeds, but the average speed is way lower
yes, compared to anything else except WEC endurance prototypes
and theyre still faster than the LMP1 prototypes
also theyre dealing with a few lateral G and up to like 7 or 8 G in braking
but honestly in terms of absolute speed, theyre not going fast in a lot of corners, theyre just going faster than anything else can
like its not faster than you go on a highway

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shows driver settings adjustment, battery usage over the lap (they try and use whole thing for qualy lap)
oh weird they have i brake warmer, i guess so they dont crack during cool down lap

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