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protesters are firing fireworks at the riot cops
none of them seem too concerned
oh they seemed to have made a beaver dam of business patio furniture
thats not very nice

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is like they are pushing back the big group and letting little groups go past through the media types
i guess worst case you case them around the city like that until they get tired
oh good
they are arresting people lying in traffic, one is vuvuzela man
now they are having a talk with the riot police while everyone is sprayed lightly with the water cannon
haha, they are grabbing people who get away from the big group, but once in back of the line they let them go

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hah they arent even arresting single protesters who come up to them, they just shoe them off like, go home
only some got handguns

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french riots seem pretty chill
heh they keep throwing the teargas back
maybe it is smoke, gotta suck to be a reporter
some guy has a vuvuzela
i think its okay if they beat him up
some people take things too far

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rly? link?

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they should have used air fryers

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yeah ive always avoided radio shit, seems to easy to get into some drama

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maybe you can get away with a fuckton of documentation, but i really doubt it
you can just tag your shit with some other factories cert
i mean, if you stole their plastic molds, its probably easier to fake it then take the branding and certs off
it should be made of certified parts, though
and its not very smart unless youre selling as incomplete product, basically parts
its a barrier to market, but interference is a safety issue
having a few crazy guys radiating some shit fucking with phones and trains is one thing, having 1000 to 100k units in the wild is another

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also just because someone had some shit calibrated doesnt mean someone didnt fuck it up right after, heh
kevtris: yup
same with EMC
its all self certified, you dont have to go to a lab
but youre probably fucked if you get caught and dont go to the lab
why is it pointless?
most companies wouldnt risk it
is a good reason not to buy random shit
you should for mass production products
like, heavy machinery or very specific gear is diff
i dont agree
buying from untraceable sourcing is the issue
you tag your shit, you need to be able to back it up when shit hits a courtroom
which means independent lab tests

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jero32: cal labs need references
and they prob know better than to pay to get their gear calibrated versus just buying a new one
wonder if cal lab needs another independent cal lab
honestly for most pro labs, gear a bit out of cal isnt the end of the world
its like how i have my nice calipers, use them maybe once a year
i have some shit calipers i use for everything, gets thrown around, all sorts of dirty
they pretty much work the same, they agree within a dial tick
if it was off by .001 over a few inches, id prob still use the junky ones for everything

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